This is me, talking to myself.

Using the question that almost always helps.

What’s true?

So tired!

What’s also true?

This is a pattern.

Craving rest is legitimate.

There are reasons for being tired. It’s okay.

Rest is the first duty of the queen.

What’s true?

I don’t know how to stop.

What’s also true?

You do know how to stop. You have stopped many times before. Lots of stopping.

And now you’re just learning how to get better at stopping.

What’s true?

There is so much to be done!

What’s also true?

You might as well rest because there is pretty much always more work to be done.

There is no “finished”. And even if there were such a thing, it’s probably not going to suddenly happen now.

You have options. You can build new and different structures. You can add a list of types of restful things to the Book of You.

You can play with all of this at the next Rally (which will help you get better at using the Book of You.)

You have more influence over your day than you think you do.

What’s true?

I do have a million things to do and they’re all important.

And there are real deadlines that I have committed to.

What’s also true?

You invariably have the sensation that there are a million things to do. Which means it’s more perception than absolute reality.

So you probably don’t have to do all of them, at least not at once.

You have support! So many people can help you.

You have a creative, playful, mindful, inquisitive approach that will help you untangle this.

You can do Shiva Nata on it to figure out what needs to happen with the pattern.

What’s true?

These things! They are fires to be put out!

I mean, not literally. But I feel anxious when I’m not actively trying to put them out.

What’s also true?

Since this feeling of urgency is a constant, you could also experiment with not putting out fires. Let it burn.

What’s true?

I have fear that these fires will consume me. And fear is always legitimate. There is no such thing as irrational fear.

What’s also true?

It won’t consume you. The fire will consume itself and then be done.

You do not need to take upon yourself the job of being the extinguisher. Let it burn itself out. Fire ignored and isolated cannot live. Put rings of stones everywhere.

And you will see that there are fewer fires. As long as you keep insisting on putting out the fires, there will always be more.

Let them burn themselves out and ignite themselves and burn themselves out again.

It has nothing to do with you. It’s their cycle, not yours.

And you will get to the point where you won’t care about whether or not something is appearing to be a fire. You will take time for yourself.

What’s true?

This scares me.

What’s also true?

You are made of the element of water.

You are flexible, resilient, curious, creative, You can take many shapes. You can experiment, compromise, laugh, dance, take notes.

You can play with this. You can take it to Secret Play Date. You can take it to Rally. Rally!

Let’s play.

The Fluent Self