What does Fearless look like?

This has been my morning stone skipping (journaling) question for the past couple weeks:

What does Fearless look like?

Sometimes I like to draw a card too or go on a clue walk having just primed my vision with the question, but mainly I just ask and listen. I take dictation.

Sometimes I direct the question towards Slightly Wiser Me, or my current Incoming self who embodies the qualities of Fierce, Fearless & Formidable. Sometimes I ask the question of my project and channel its wise knowing. And sometimes I just ask.

Want to play? From my morning notebook this week…

What does Fearless look like?

Fearless looks like CLARITY IN A DIRECTION.

Fearless looks like clear things out and then clear them out some more, aka Further Reductions to Gain In Powers.

Fearless looks like the superpower of Glorious Perspicacity, seeded, everywhere. Stand back and watch it flourish.

What does Fearless look like?

Fearless looks like not caring at all if he responds to my text or if the cat doesn’t want to be besties.

Fearless looks like SHORT SHORTS because I want to.

Fearless looks like [sure, everything I own is in my car but my car doesn’t look full], this is blowing my mind.

Fearless is when I make time for my projects, the ones I care about most, and not just the ones that keep showing up in front of me.

What does Fearless look like?

Fearless looks like I train hard like I mean it, and I train soft too, all the time, invisible stealth training, I am secretly training in and for everything.

Fearless means I am not afraid to ask for help. Allies help me in fearlessness.

Fearless means I have limitless power because I can draw energy from the earth, just like in dance.

What does Fearless look like?

Fearless looks like yes, hello, there you are my fears, I acknowledge your existence and yet you are not bigger than me, you are a temporary part of the experience of this moment, you contain vital intel about the programming I am in the process of undoing. I make room for you, fears, but I am not impressed by you or by the fact that you are still here.

What does Fearless look like?

Fearless means there are no boundary issues right now because my boundaries just are. They hold themselves.

Fearless means I stand in Prowess, ready to mobilize.

Fearless means I know I am the queen in my world. I am Olivia Pope levels of queenliness.

Fearless looks like pointing my wand towards the earth.

What does Fearless look like?

Fearless comes from knowing who I am.

Fearless means I know I don’t need the distractions I crave. Whoosh, goodbye.

Fearless means sure, why not, start over, I can do that.

Fearless means everything that came before is useful but does not define me.

Fearless means BE HERE NOW.

Fearless means the ability to celebrate each undoing, welcome each ending.

Fearless means remembering that I can ask this question every day until my fearlessness is innate, along with my ability to love myself in every fearful moment, and there is no contradiction here.

What does Fearless look like?

Fearless means yes to my yeses, and a clear resounding no to everything else.


I ask the question not because I think I have the answer but because [Fearless] feels so removed and inaccessible that I want to surprise myself with what I do know, and follow the trails of sparks…

Invitation to play with me

You are welcome as always to share !!!! in the comments or anything sparked for you, or process what needs processing, or skip this stone with me.

What does Fearless look like right now for you? Or sound like, feel like, smell like? Or any other form of this question. Can we let the answers surprise us? Can we breathe deep and access a quieter self who knows new answers?

Or maybe a different quality is calling to you right now, and so it becomes a new question for you. What does Clarity look like? What does Possibility look like? Make it your own.

We remember that People Vary, we meet ourselves and each other with kindness, we don’t give advice. This is space for process, and process is unique, and more importantly, internal. We can always use a proxy or cover story if we need one.

Lots of heart-glow over here for you and everyone who reads, thank you for being here with me.

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