And not what you think.

So I’m taking Jennifer Hofmann‘s course on Inspired Organizing. And it’s brilliant and amazing.

And …. I don’t know how to say this. Well, I do. I just don’t have a nice way of saying this:

If you’re less than giddy with joy about your current home-office situation and organizing systems, and if you knew about this course (because, you know, I gush about Jen’s work all the time), and you could even kind of afford it and didn’t sign up early enough to get in, you’re a complete …

No, that’s not fair. What I mean is, I don’t understand you. Or: I seriously wish you would tell me what kept you from taking this course.

Because it kicks so many kinds of ass. But in a sweet, loving, compassionate, fun, good-spirited way.

Man, I like to think I’m relatively self-aware or whatever, at least knowledgeable about my patterns, and then this class comes around and let me tell you, it is spinning my head around faster than you can say “paradigm shift”.

Not that you would say that, though, because ew.

But let’s get back to my personal ad

The first class was this week and we were talking about our relationship with space. What it looks like, where it hurts, what gets stuck.

And it was totally like being in couples counseling. Me and my office and all of our crap together and all the things we don’t like about each other.

Everyone else in the class was working on improving their relationship to their space and all of a sudden it hit me. This is never going to work out. I don’t want to repair my relationship to this particular space that I’m in because I don’t even like it.

I’m investing in something that is an uncomfortable compromise … and there’s nothing keeping me in it except for the fact that moving kind of sucks.

And then: Oh. I really don’t have to stay here. I can move on. I can find some other space to love. And it started to get exciting. Scary, but exciting.

So then Jen suggested that I write a personal ad. For an apartment. So I did.

And … in the cheesy but well-intentioned spirit of “planting seeds” and “putting it out there” and “sharing my process“, and in the hope that maybe one of you knows someone in Portland (Oregon, yes?) who has a hunch as to where my new home is waiting for me …

Here it is.


Loving, caring, urban couple with adorable toy duck seeking sweet home in Portland — not the one on the east coast — to cherish and adore for long-term rental relationship … (and more?)

Us? We’ll scrub you clean every single Friday morning and generally treat you like the goddess you are.

You: about 1000 square feet with wood floors and lots of light. A porch would be nice too … and maybe a basement?

Ideally you’re located in NE Portland, near Alberta or Killingsworth, but if you’re the one for us we’ll go pretty much anywhere, as long as you’re in walking distance to groceries and such.

The most important thing for us in this relationship is the kitchen. We want it to be big enough for us to eat in there, and inviting enough for us to hang out in.

We both work from home, so we’ll be around a lot, and Richard will cook something that smells amazing every single night except Tuesday.

Havi will bake bread at least once a week. You’ll love it.

We only use natural ingredients (lemon, vinegar, soap, borax) to clean, so you’ll be well taken care of with no chemicals in sight. And we never leave dishes in the sink!

We don’t smoke or do drugs (but you’ll like us anyway!)

No drama. No poltergeists please. Neighbors who are learning to play drums and/or trumpet = dealbreaker. Ahem. *glares out the window*

We’ll tend the space with daily morning meditations and daily evening yoga. You will be madly loved by us.

If this is you, please have someone call us so we can meet in person! (971) 533-7623. Or even better: email. And send a picture!

Personal enough for ya?

Happy weekend, guys. Thanks for reading my personal ad. I love that you’re all looking for the right place with me, at least in spirit.

And, just so it’s clear, if Jen ever does her life-changingly awesome Inspired Organizing course again, I expect to see you there. Because I need some more hand-holding too!

The Fluent Self