Idaho is pretty. 

My hips still don’t like to sit unless it’s on the grass with my notebook, so we are going to do week 374 of wishing wishes by peeking at the wishbook!

The Wandering Wishbook of Stella the Star

I wish to name my wishes, to trace the sparks of my desire…

Oh those whispered truths of 4am

What is clear?

What do I know about my wishes?

I see that I am wishing for Clarity in the form of…

  • making space for my desire to make itself known
  • remembering not to freak out — the clues are here!
  • I want to get so clear that the obvious clues are obvious even before I ask to see them
  • the path reveals itself/trust that the path is revealing itself
  • clear intentions for trajectory (I may not know where I’m going or how I’m getting there but I can set a trajectory of qualities: Clarity, Intention, Trust, Glow)
  • clear water, clear skies, clear headspace, less input and more intentional output, clear as a bell
  • A clear view of the stars, and the ability to be aware of my own glow, my own sense of meaning inside of any given constellation in my life

Breathing for these wishes

Oh wow what beautiful wishes!

Come share yours.

As always, we keep this a gloriously safe space by meeting ourselves and each other with love, while adhering to the twin practices of not caretaking and not giving advice, assuming good intentions. Love from the road.

The Fluent Self