very personal adsPersonal ads. They’re … personal! Very.

Each week I write these VPAs to practice asking for what I want. And to get clarity on what that really is, even when asking feels conflicted.

I always get useful information about my relationship with various aspects of the ask. Join in if you like!

Thing 1: company for parading

Here’s what I want:

No one was able to come with me to the Hat Parade (Hat! Parade! Oh boy! ) so I was very sadface mouse.

But then today was Sunday Parkways (absolutely one of the best things in Portland — more about it here) and so I went on a three hour walk that was practically a parade.

I mean, there was a pirate. And some very fabulous outfits. And unicycles. So basically: parade!

And I want people to come with me for the next ones. Or to tag along with me on other city parades and walks that sound like fun.

Ways this could work:

Maybe giving people more notice. Announcing ahead of time.

Doing something shivanautical? With music?

I don’t know. For now I’m just going to put it out there that I want some lovely people to companionably parade with.

My commitment.

To wear silly hats and blow bubbles and think about the fun that can be had.

Thing 2: who’s coming to the Shiva Nata sneak snack preview picnic call?

Here’s what I want:

Even more people coming to our sneak snack preview picnic call about Shiva Nata, creative flow, neat things related to the September training and general good stuff.

Yes, please!

Ways this could work:

So many of you have already been lovely about spreading the word on Facebook, twitter, the world of blog. Thank you!

Maybe more people will tell other people.

And again, I can ask for help from the Kitchen Table and the Secret Lab.

My commitment.

To wave enthusiastically at everyone who joins us or gets the recording or flails with us in spirit.

Thing 3: help and support with a mini-brunching

Here’s what I want:

There is a thing that I might be announcing this week but all sorts of other little pieces have to fall into place for it to happen. Will it happen? I hope so!

Ways this could work:

With the loving support of the smart people in my Kitchen Table program, who will provide me with insight, feedback, ideas and cheering.

Through regularly interviewing slightly future me to find out what the deal is.

And, of course, through being the fox in the video game.

My commitment.

To pay attention. To not push. To ask intelligent, loving questions. To get as creative as is needed.

Thing 4: do-overs!

Here’s what I want:

So last week I said I wanted two people to sign up for the July Rally (Rally!) and that totally happened. Almost instantaneously. Thank you.

But apparently I wasn’t specific at all about why I wanted what I wanted, because as soon as it happened, two other July Rallions switched to rallies happening later in the year.

So… I want two more people to join us for mad hot projectizing and general magic, fun and wonder in July.

And maybe what I really need to say is that I want a full, happy Rally (Rally!), and for this to happen in a sustainable way with much smoothness and ease.

There. Let’s try like that. 🙂

Ways this could work:

I can pay attention to the needs behind the things I ask for, and what I really am asking for.

I can find other ways of connecting to those qualities hidden inside of the wanting (support? belonging? shelter? sovereignty?) and do things that symbolize this new relationship with receiving them.

Also — in the hard — I can update the page and put up new pictures and generally be more forthcoming about WHY this is so amazing.

My commitment.

To be curious and receptive. To have some fun with this.

Progress report on past Very Personal Ads.

Just to update you on what’s happened since last time.

We wanted more action at the Frolicsome Bar (the facebook page for The Fluent Self Inc, Pirate Ship at Large), and that’s definitely been happening. Yay!

Then I was completely stuckified about getting a bus pass, and that sorted itself out easily and gracefully. It was definitely easier than I thought (you can get them at the co-op!).

I was working on receptivity… and I’m still working on it. Not sure if there was progress there but it was definitely a theme this week.

Then planning a pirate queen holiday — I did plan one! Sparklepoints for me! But it’s a tiny one — just one night. And I really want a week off, so I need to re-ask this one too.

As for the two July Rallions, you already know how it worked out! I got what I asked for and I had to ask again. Some interesting systems stuff to think about there, but mainly I’m happy that the VPAs give such a shape to my week. I appreciate that.

Comment zen. Here’s what I’d love today.

Your own personal ads, small or large. Things you’ve asked for. Or are asking for. Or would like to ask for. Or updates on last time!

Stuff I’d rather not have:

The word “manifest”. To be told how I should be asking for things. To be judged, psychoanalyzed or given unsolicited advice.

Much love for your gwishes! So happy to have you doing this with me.

The Fluent Self