Today I woke up with an extra superpower.

I don’t know how long it will last.

It is a superpower of invisible translation.

Showing me the secret hidden essence of good that lives inside each thing that I encounter, whether I like that thing or not.

Like this:

The soap shaped like a leaf means GROW and EXPAND.

The annoyingly preachy Save Mother Earth sign that someone put in my space is really about CARING.

The lamp that doesn’t work has the secret message of ADAPTABILITY. It’s saying, try things.

The trickle of water in the background is humming FLOW.

The exasperated-sounding sigh of the person next to me has its secret truth too: RELEASE.

In the mirror.

I look in the mirror and hear what X would say: “That’s what you’re wearing? At least put a jacket on. You look like a hooker.”

But instead of going into the usual rounds of anger/shame/resentment, the superpower kicks in.

So I still hear the unkind words but I also find their core. Much like my fuzzball monsters, this person desperately wanted SAFETY for me but didn’t know how to say that in a loving and supportive way.

I take in SAFETY and PROTECTION and let the rest — the trappings of bitterness and blame — fall away.

And I inhale COMFORT and FAITH as well: remembering that I will never again live with anyone who speaks to me like that.


Not sure what triggers this one. I hear the voice of my friend who is dead. This happens every day.

He says, as he always said, it’s all for the best.

And instead of raging against him and resisting his words (how dare you say it’s for the best when you left me like that?!), I see the sweet center of his belief that I did not share:


I fill up on these and add them to today’s superpowers. Who knows? They might come in handy tomorrow.

The poorly worded sign.

I take it for what it is. A sign.

I release the finger-wagging tone and the threatening words and take in its purpose: SAFETY and PROTECTION again.


At first when this new superpower showed up the first thing I felt was the grief and fear of potential loss:

What will happen when it’s gone? Who will I be when I have lost this ability?

But then I saw that for what it is: a monster-fear, combined with the belief and experience that good things don’t stick around.

What if that doesn’t need to be true anymore? This is what I whispered to the trees.

And then I saw the essential good inside of the grief and fear: SUSTAINABILITY.

So I’m taking that.

And something else.

I’m also trying to remember that this is not just a superpower. It’s another destuckification technique that I can consciously use when I need it.

Like finding signs. Or noticing the noticings. It’s a way of being the fox in the video game.

It’s something I can practice. I can enter it into the Book of Me. It’s something I can get back to through Shiva Nata or through yoga or through breathing my way there. And remembering.

And comment zen for today.

Superpowers, like tiny sweet things, can sometimes be kind of fragile. We tread gently. We explore without pushing.

This is pretty personal stuff that I’m sharing, and it’s very likely that other personal stuff will be shared by people in the comments.

As always, we respect that vulnerability by giving it space and love. So we don’t offer unsolicited analysis of someone’s situation and we don’t tell each other what to do or how to feel.

If you want to try on today’s superpower, you are welcome to it. Part of the magic of superpowers is that invoking a power that appeals to you in no way diminishes someone else’s supply of it.

And if you want to share bits and pieces of your experiment in finding the essence (or thoughts on this process and how hard it can be), that would be lovely.

Love love love to the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

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