The Book of You is the ongoing project that emerges from collecting notes about how we function and what our patterns are and what we need to feel safe and supported.

Notes, observations, insights, moments of bing!, plus all the stuff you know about yourself that totally disappears when awkwardness or anxiety strikes.

My own Book of Me lives in a binder. Most of the pages are colored construction paper, drawn in magic marker. They are messy. They smell like inspiration and possibility and Rally (Rally!).

I thought it might be fun to let you read some Recent Additions to my own version of the Book of You, to spark some ideas. Here they are.

Yet another page titled Remember This.

It says:

Oh, my love.

It’s a lot easier to know what you know when you’re not being flooded by other people’s prescriptive rules about how you should be, and what your process should look/sound/feel like.

Avoid what is prescriptive.

Follow what is intuitive, appealing, supportive of your sovereignty, and respectful of your experience. Your experience.

(I know you’re not going to remember where this is from. So. You said this. And you are right.)

A page about how my workspace needs to feel.

My workspace needs to be…

Fun, playful, sparkly, spacious, colorful, supportive, open, light, light-hearted, soft, comfortable, inspiring, welcoming, comfortable, and iguana-free.

… in order for me to do my best work.

I do not need to know how to make this happen. I’m just committing to these qualities being in my space, and to learning more about my relationship with space so I can find out why I resist what is supportive.

This process can take as much time as it needs. I will list my tools and take notes and put them here.

The page about AGILITY.

This is your word this year. What is agility about?

Speed of reaction. Being adaptive. Resilience. Grace. Play.

Unfazed by things that appear to be upsets.

I can be grounded and stable, flexible and quick.

Nible and steady. Fearless and clear-headed.

Slinky! Gazelle! Slinky! Gazelle!

Simplicity. Timing. Endurance allows for agility.

Responding to change with ease. Experimentation as a way of being.

I am non-predictive! I am sovereign!

Freedom: imagine a juggler. Improvising. Questioning.

A sustainable way of being (because it can effortlessly react to change)

The page about doing yoga when you’re not at home.

We need a better name for this than Hotel Yoga, but you get the point. Here’s what’s important:

It all counts. And it brings you joy.

Turn your room into a jungle gym. Explore nooks and crannies. Use walls.

A hand towel on the floor to rest your face on is very helpful.

Three poses is enough. Really? Yes. In fact, ONE pose is enough.

You can do reclining restorative poses on the bed.

Five breaths. Play and invent. Be five years old. Be an old Turkish lady. Less is not only more, it is better than none.

By reading this, you are already doing yoga. Ha. So there. The yoga of exhaling guilt and the yoga of consciously and lovingly interacting with your experience.

Play with me? And today’s comment zen blanket fort.

The nice thing about Book-of-You-ing is that there really isn’t any way to do it wrong.

Even if you wrote down useful information and then let it burn or float away, something about the intentional, active observation already changes things.

It makes the things you already know slightly easier to remember.

Everything in your Book of You can change.

It’s just what you know right now. It doesn’t need to be complete, and it definitely won’t ever be done. It’s a process.

I would love to read snippets of things you’d like to have in your own Book of You.

Could be topics or questions you want to ask yourself, or specific bits of knowing that you are trying to remember that you know. That would be awesome.

As always: we all have our stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. We let people have their own experience, and we don’t give each other unsolicited advice.

Love to all the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

The Fluent Self