I’m reading the book Slow Time by Waverly Fitzgerald for … I don’t know, probably the fourth time.

If you don’t count all the times that I just pick it up and start reading a page or two.

It’s one of those “it lives by my bed” books. Just seeing the cover makes me happy.

And I got to do a teleclass with Waverly last week for my Kitchen Table program (we’re spending three months working on clearing up some stuff in our relationship to time).

It was pretty spectacular. She’s just as sweet and thoughtful as I’d imagined she would be.

Anyway. I wanted to do one of the exercises from her book with you.

Naming moons.

What I love about this exercise is the playfulness.

It gives you lots of space to appreciate markers of natural time … without having to necessarily challenge your functioning world that’s made up of artificial time.

It’s also about awareness. And about choice. And about noticing things. And about bringing some of you into the things around you.

And it’s about wordishness, which is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

So if Native American tribes would name full moons (Moon of Popping Trees, Thunder Moon, Moon of Storms) …

And there are Chinese names for new moons (Peony Moon, Harvest Moon, Kindly Moon) …

Waverly thinks we should get to create moon names too! Ha.

Her students have beautiful ones.

Like The Moon of Putting on Socks (October).

Or Firefly Moon for July.

I am going to try naming my moons.

The Moon-Names of Havi’s Year.

September: The Moon of Beginnings

October: Crunching The Leaves Moon

November: Red Boots Moon

December: The Moon of Doing Yoga Under Blankets By The Fire

January: The Moon of Being Pulled To Travel Somewhere Warmer

February: Contemplation Moon (but also Roller Derby Moon!)

March: Wishing Moon

April: Walking Moon

May: Barefoot Moon

June: Lilac Moon

July: The Moon of Berries Every Day For Breakfast

August: Porch Swing Moon

Do you want to play with me? Yay.

So if you want to share some (or all) of your results here, or just to describe some of what you’re noticing while doing the exercise, that would be so cool. And fun! And really interesting.

And then I won’t have to feel like I’m being all weird by myself.

Wheee! Play with me!

The Fluent Self