So I went clew-searching again.

And every time I do this, I wonder why I don’t do it a hundred times a day. It’s crazy-helpful and always surprising.

These are the clews that I decided were clews. The ones that caught my eye as I was perched on my teaching stage yesterday at the Playground:

  1. a pink flower
  2. happy purple elephant (on my sock!)
  3. magic wand
  4. tiny wooden door
  5. General Ignorance (on the title of the Book of General Ignorance).

I said: Hey clews, whaddya got?

And this is what they gave me.

The flower:

Grow. Expand. Trust. Breathe. Be patient. Be as flamboyant as you want when you’re there because why not.

The elephant:

Silliness is not just for bringing joy to you — it reminds you about the joy that is brought into the world through that process. Feet feet feet!

The wand:

Be intentional. Point, draw, declare, ask, show up, know, proclaim, fill up on fullness and possibility.

Want what you want. Be a scepter. Have a scepter. Visit the corners.

The door:

Uh, come on. Door! Door! More door. Entry, exit, movement, transition. Hidden passages. Make doors where you need them. Find them. Close them. Walk through when you’re ready.

General Ignorance:

Just call me General. *snickers*

Be willing to be wrong. Don’t assume. Invoke the principle of People Vary. The people who come into your world will get what they need, and you don’t know what that is — and that is as it should be.

Detach detach release release trust trust patience patience.

And then?

Then I changed my place to change my luck.

I visited the corners. I asked more questions. I wore a giant blue feather boa and a crazy, impossibly tall pink hat with a peacock feather.

There were noticings and pretzel sticks.

There were Remarkable Discoveries that had nothing to do with the clews at all. Until they did again.

Playing and the communal comment blanket fort.

You can explore, find clews, examine clews, interview clews.

Or do what you need to do.

We remember that our stuff is probably going to show up because that’s what it does. We care for ourselves as best we can.

We play. We don’t give unsolicited advice. We pay attention to what we need in any given moment, and try to meet that need in a way that feels safe and comfortable.

And I am blowing kisses from the Playground where it is currently the second full day of Crossing the Line (secret word: haulaway) and where we are having marvelous adventures. Wishing you all the best surprises today.

The Fluent Self