I collect signs.

Not literally or anything. I just make a note when I come across a good one.

What is a good sign?

A good sign is like a thoughtful bathroom.

It’s filled with love. Written by someone with a caring heart.

A good sign is like a Very Personal Ad.

It speaks to the qualities behind the thing being asked for.

It goes to the essence of the request rather than the act of requesting.

A good sign is like a gwish.

It sends a wish into the air, without attachment to outcome.

Look at this sign!

I was at a cafe I like.

Guess what the sign on the counter said?

“Musicians! Bring in your own recorded music and get 10 free coffees. Help us stay 90% local music…”

That’s a sign that manages to be a Very Personal Ad and a loving request and a declaration of culture. Kind of like our Whee! the People!

It says this is who we are and how we like to be.

And it invites other people to join in and say YAY and be a part of this thing we’re doing, but without implying that our way is the only way or the best way.

Here’s another one I really like.

I stayed in a hotel that, like many hotels, left chocolates on the pillow.

Since I have been off sugar for eleven years now, this doesn’t usually leave an impression one way or the other.

But these chocolates came with a note. And a note is really a sign:

“May your time here be filled with sweetness and delight.”

It was a wish for me. A wish and an affirmation and a statement of what is important — to their way of thinking — about running a hotel.

That’s how signs should work.

Signs everywhere.

The most fun part about collecting signs is that you have regular reminders of how you want to live.

Sometimes when I look at a sign I just see the qualities in it and not the words.


Of course other times all I see in signs is the fear (“We don’t want to get sued!” or “We have to control everything all the time!”).

But even then underneath all that is a desire for things to be peaceful, if not really phrased in the best terms.

I collect all kinds of signs.

They help me run my business. They help me write Very Personal Ads. They help me think about how I want to present what I do, and what I want to wish for my people.

And comment zen for today!

What I would love:

Favorite signs that you have found. Or any signs you like!

Signs that you would wish for.

Signs that exist in your home, business, office, relationships etc that aren’t necessarily obviously signs.

And any other thinking out loud about why this is so important.

As always, we all have our stuff and we let other people have their stuff. We make room for each other, and we don’t tell anyone what to do.

Love to the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

The Fluent Self