Oh, hello day. I needed today. Did you?

Sweet friends, guess what I just realized!
Today is the second of February,
aka Groundhog Day aka The Festival of Do-Overs.

Superpower of Do-Overs Forever!

A breath for this.

We get to try things. A breath for this too.

Yes, we get to try things.
We get to try things again.
We get to try things slightly differently than we have tried them before.
We get to try similar things things and breathe differently, notice the difference,
notice the difference differently!

We get to try entirely new approaches and laugh at whatever happens.


Sometimes now is eerily reminiscent of then,
but that’s just a reminder that we get Do-Overs,
yes, we can take a new approach this round,
similar challenge, another level of the video game.

Hey guess what, this moment is new.

Superpower of remembering that this moment is new,
a breath for this moment, a breath for its newness,
a breath for perspective.

As a favorite yoga teacher says each time we repeat a posture,
“We’ve been here before, but we’ve never been here before.”

Interestingly, all my favorite yoga teachers,
none of whom know each other and some of whom live in different cities,
have all been obsessively into repetition since the new year began,
maybe this is a clue about approach for this new level of the video game…


Repeat something familiar,
pay attention in a new way,
breathe deeper,
be a resonant bell,
can I allow breath and this question,
this moment of asking,
to turn me into a clear channel
for Curiosity, Receptivity, Playfulness, Wonder, Awe,
all the good in the universe,
glowing these qualities inward and outward,
letting them circulate through my body
and my life, amen.

What if the second/hundredth/thousandth time is the charm,
and what if this happens because I blinked my way into new eyes, new seeing,
hello beautiful awakening month of Perspective

What is mine…

On Saturday I drank wine with my favorite secret agent from Salt Lake
and somehow lost my favorite earring,
then spent three days scouring the streets,
searching everywhere I had been or might-have-been,
whispering a loving reminder in my heart that all is well,
breathing the superpower of Everything That Is Mine Returns To Me,
(and if it doesn’t return, it is not for me)

If it doesn’t return, it was just a beautiful clue, may I receive the redirection gracefully


On Tuesday, the earring was on my doorstep,
perfectly placed, apparently it had been
right in front of me the entire time,
it knows where I live.

Interestingly, along with the return of the earring,
a someone-who-was-gone came back into my life too.

An actual miracle — two miracles! — as well as
an excellent clue about PERSPECTIVE,
which incidentally is our magic word for February.

Thank you, miracles. Thank you, perspective. Thank you, returns and agents of return and agents who return. Gratitude also for the not-returning when that is right. I know so much more about this now than I did a year ago, and am thankful for the learning even if it hurt. Oh my sweet beautiful heart.

The month of Majesty brought us here, so let’s breathe for:

  • Majesty Into Perspective / Majestic Perspective / The Perspective From Majesty
  • What Does The World Look Like (and how does it react to me) when Crown is On and I expect everyone to see?
  • All the combined superpowers of both Maye Musk in her cosmic wonder, and Janelle Monae glowing her powers of Regal As Fuck at the Black Panther premier (she glows just by breathing, I love her), aka MY MAGNIFICENCE IS NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH, Wildly Glamorous Bond Villainess Goddess-Queen of Everything Leaving A Trail Of Devastation In My Wake and Incinerating All Bullshit Forever!
  • Thank you, Year of Fiery, for delivering this state of Constant Smolder, turned up to 11, my glow sparks are so fucking hot, full-time slow-burn smolder state!+
  • Surprise miracles and solutions everywhere
  • It All Gets Done With The Greatest of Ease!
  • Wild! Self! Treasuring!
  • Born To Smolder
  • I Treasure My Space, Inside & Out

Back to the moment of the moment.

The other day at the end of yoga, I was feeling,
hmmm, not sure if this feeling has words,
I was feeling passionately-intensely in love with myself,
as if my heart was a glowing love-beacon
and all its love was for me,
a fullness and richness of {love},
an incandescent flower-opening inside.

Then S said: the light in me delights in the light in you,
except I heard it as the delight in me delights in the delight in you,
light-hearted, light-and-delighted, lit up with love.

Lit up from within with love, love and more love.

I feel this in dance sometimes too,
maybe even especially when I dance with myself in the early morning dark,
sometimes I think oh god that was a good dance, I am a star, it is true,
and then I am all HEART EYE EMOJI about myself,
and this is an absolutely amazing feeling,
I wish for more of this perspective
in the Month of Perspective,
in this year of Triumphant,
and turning fiery-one years old!

How is that for a just-right wish to accompany the month of Perspective?

May it be so, for all of us, and even better than that.

Announcement! Well, more like a question!

Hey, remember when we took twelve days (okay it ended up being a bit longer) to immerse in Dedication, Illumination and Mystery? Would you like to do the same with Wild Self-Treasuring and other Majestic Perspectives of Big Self-Love?

If enough people want to play this way, I will set this up for February!

Happy second chances to all of us…

Invitation for this post!

You are welcome to share !!!! or anything sparked for you here, riff on the theme of Perspective or anything else, and of course we can seed any wishes, intentions or desired superpowers for this month, trusting that they will indeed come in even after revealing some opposites, whatever you like…

We remember that People Vary, we take care of ourselves as we need, we don’t give advice, this too is part of the life of Crown On.

Here’s how we meet each other here: with great kindness, appreciation and love.

Lots of heart-glow over here for you and everyone who reads, thank you for being here with me.

The Fluent Self