December 31st. Curled up in blankets at my retreat center, sitting across from my partner in crime

We were plotting away about the new and much bigger Playground space that is opening in Portland in March, as well as the online parallel space opening in February.

And we decided to name the qualities we wanted to connect to as we sail into this coming year of adventures and growth.

So many qualities!

Saying each one out loud was like having a wonderful witchy imaginary aunt read you a trippy incantation as a bedtime story.

Or like taking a really restorative warm bath that is also exciting at the same time, because it keeps changing colors and blowing little happy bubbles at you.

Anyway, I thought I would plant the list of qualities here, in case some or all of them want to speak to you.

And because, wow. QUALITIES. Undiluted essence.

As always, if a word doesn’t appeal to you, no worries. It might not be your word. Or you can translate it. Rewrite it. Use the metaphor mouse technique to unpack it and change your definition.

The qualities!

Trust. Grounding. Expansion and expansiveness.

Spaciousness. Sovereignty. Presence. Radiance. Beauty.

Clarity. Shelter.

Renewal. Willingness.


Softening and surrender. Grace. Power. Lustrousness.

Tranquility. Warmth. Appreciation. Delight. Play.

Possibility. Sanctuary. Creativity. Expectancy and anticipation.

Joy. Emergence. Adaptability. Certainty. Focus.

Patience. Love. Belonging. Welcoming. Sustainability.

Effortlessness. Effort. Yes, both at the same time, supporting each other!

Crossing-through. Protection. Alignment.

Effervescence. Excitement.


Adventure. Experimentation.

Filling up and replenishing. Frolicking.

Permission. Gratitude. Strength. Toughness and tenacity.

Boldness. Resilience. Suppleness. Smoothness.

Admiration. Sensitivity. Truth. Resonance. Responsibility. Flow.

Cheer. Movement. Dance. Enoughness. Efficiency. Ease. Courage.

Sustenance. Dedication.

Flexibility. Exulting.

Release. Elimination. Congruence. Harmony. Knowing.

Imagination. Sophisticated Innocence!

Commitment. Devotion. Exuberance. Agility.

Receptivity. Wonder.

Nourishment. Poise. Agency. Exploration. Spontaneity!


Sincerity. Curiosity. Sweetness. Kindness. Compassion. Ingenuity.

Charm. Autonomy. Intelligence. Wisdom.

Support. Community. Discovery.

Safety. Protection. Attunement (syntonics!)

Order. Deconstruction. Structure. Form.

Festivity. Building and rebuilding.


Transformation. Desire. Balance.



And then sixteen to become special friends with.

Sixteen qualities that especially beckoned to me on the evening of entry…

They showed up in pairs.

They had alarmingly alliterative tendencies.

They wanted to be my force field this year, and I said YES PLEASE:

Spaciousness and Sovereignty.
Presence and Possibility.
Radiance and Receptivity.
Effortlessness and Efficiency.
Adaptability and Agility.
Desire and Deconstruction.
Boldness and Beauty.
Congruence and Creativity.


And because I am apparently secretly a medieval Jewish scholar-mystic, these also made a mysterious acrostic.

Spread… something with B and C.

So I decided it should be spreading boundaries of courage. Because that seems like a good thing to be spreading this year.

And then…

Before we went our separate ways into beds and dreams that night of the new year (well before midnight because we get cranky when we don’t get to bed early), we lit a beeswax candle that my uncle Svevo made.

And then we read the list out loud.

The full list. Then the sixteen special qualities. Then: Spreading Boundaries of Courage.

We blew out the candle. Whisper-whoosh!

And here we are.

Play with me. How the commenting blanket fort works!

We all have our stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. It’s a process.

When our stuff comes up in reaction to something, we recognize that this is our stuff.

We own it. And then we consciously, lovingly interact with it.

We create safe spaces for ourselves to get to learn about our stuff, so we don’t have to be in our stuff. And we create safety for each other by giving lots of permission and zero advice.

If you want to whisper-whoosh any qualities that appeal to you, go for it.

If you want to share in any of these, that’s welcome too.

If you want to add another candle to the mix, yay.

Waving from the ship! Spreading boundaries of courage.

The Fluent Self