Hello, day.

This is how I start the day. Among my morning practices, it’s not even slightly the weirdest.

But probably the one I’ve stuck with for the longest period of time.

Each morning I take one sheet of paper and write about seven things. And then I stick it in the Revue binder.

It’s a little bit like a Very Personal Ad but for my day, and it looks like this.

Hello, day! What I’d like from today.

Balance, trust, peace of mind.

To take things in stride, with a smile if possible, because that would be cool. Grace under pressure. Or no pressure at all. To find the secret doors and hidden windows.

I’d also like some really great shivanautical realizations, and to do something about them.

And (possibly related) I’d like a perfect, simple solution to the situation with X.

The qualities and the essence for today.

Strength. Courage. Flow. Clarity. Spaciousness.

Something nice I’d like to do for my body today.

A loooooong forward bend, using the wall for support. Much yawning and stretching.

Some old Turkish lady yoga.

Bath, if there’s time.

Slightly Future Me says:

Lots of water. Replenish. Wash off. Shake it off.

Keep asking for help. Call E.

Make your choices today based on how you want to feel.

Transitions are everything. Take more time than you think you’ll need. Breathe into things.

Pretend that [scary project] is a diorama. Think about it in terms of objects, elements and placing. That will help.

You’re doing great.

VPA for today. A mini-Very-Personal-Ad.

To meet everything with grace and curiosity.

Ideas flowing. A sense of progress.

Allies, resources, support?

Doing the noticing thing. Rituals in the transitions.

My imaginary penguin brigade.

What today could be like.

One step at a time. I appreciate things I wouldn’t normally notice.

I get better at releasing expectations. Everything flows, and when it doesn’t, I find my way back. I plant gwishes. And acknowledge pain. I stay in my force field.

That’s it.

Seven things:

Hello, day. What I want from today…

  • The qualities/essence
  • Something nice I want to do for my body
  • Slightly Future Me says
  • VPA for today
  • Allies, resources, support
  • What today could be like

These mostly stay the same for me, but sometimes I change them. Sometimes the answer to one will prompt me to add another (like “How could that happen?” or “What if that is impossible?”

My favorite thing about this practice is how centering it is. It whooshes fog away.

My second favorite thing is flipping through the binder and discovering how surprisingly often I have been able to actually experience the things I wrote about.

Last week my VPA for the day was “to release the frazzled”. It seemed like Extreme Wishful Thinking at the time, but the next day it turned out that I had. Nice!


If you’d like to try this, you are welcome.

And of course you could replace any or all of the format I use with your own questions or other stones to skip.

You can share here in the comments. You can do it just for you. Write them down or whisper them into a well. It all counts.

As always, we all have our stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. It’s a process.

We let other people have their stuff, and we don’t give each other unsolicited advice (if someone asks, go for it).

Wishing you a sweet day.

The Fluent Self