The other day I had one of those impossible-to-describe shivanautical epiphanies that is so beautiful and simple that it almost can’t be said out loud.

But I am saying it anyway.

It went something like this, but it wasn’t just words. It was deep inside my skeleton.

Everything is a costume. Everything can be a costume. You can turn anything into a costume.

Everything is a costume.

All the special things you wear that help with identify-shifting and process. But ALSO things you can’t see!

A concept can be a costume.

Or a question. Or an idea. Or a desire. A dream. A gwish!

You can wear these, and they will show you what it’s like to live according to whatever it is.

But also other things are costumes because everything is a costume.

I can’t explain it better than that so I’m just going to tell you about the invisible costumes that I am trying on today.


Today I am experimenting with the costume of Someone Who Has No Problem Whatsoever Typing Up This Giant Pile Of Notes And Is Even Pleased About It.

Today I am wearing the costume of Someone Who Actually Buys Flowers For Her Workspace.

Today I am trying on the costume of Someone Whose Feet Are So Important To Her That They Kind Of Rule Her Life And She Is Completely Okay With That.

Today I am in the costume of Someone Who Keeps A Stone With A Secret Message In Front Of Her At All Times.

And, speaking of stones, I found another costume that lives inside a stone skipping card that I picked from the deck of cards that lives at the Playground:

If my pretend mentor were here to help me…

So I’m also trying on the costume of the Me Whose Pretend Mentor Is Right There And Ready To Help.

The costumes talk, as it turns out.

I am only slightly surprised that these costumes are changing every aspect of how my day is going.

But I have been VERY surprised about how much I am learning about these different costumes/identities/aspects of me.

Like the costume of Someone Who Actually Buys Flowers For Her Workplace.

She is very interesting.

She thinks her work is special and sacred. She cares for her work. She thinks that anything that keeps her in a state of inspiration and appreciation is hugely important. She values beauty in a variety of different forms.

She’s significantly more comfortable than I am with doing things in grand fashion. She’s almost a symbol of the next step in that direction.

I was also surprised to learn that the flowers she wanted were not at all as expensive as I’d thought they were, that she has VERY specific tastes, and that she has a warm, smiley and peaceful way about her. Who knew?

This is the experiment. Join in if you like. Comment zen etc.

Invent, discover or proclaim any costumes you like.

You could wear something that goes with them or you can just try them on as they are. Or you don’t have to try them on at all. You could just name them. That’s a kind of costume too.

If you would like, share some possible costumes here. Or not. You can also go on silent retreat or leave some flowers. Or take some flowers. We have lots of flowers.

As always, we all have our stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. Each of us takes responsibility for our own stuff. We let other people have their stuff. We make space for each other. It’s how we practice.

I have lilies. Spectacular lilies. Raised a half an hour away from here. They are a rich, rust-red, and they almost glow.

The Fluent Self