Dear part of me who thinks that if something good happens, something bad must follow…

A short conversation with the part of me who doesn’t feel safe having good things happen.

Me: So. You’re the part of me who thinks good things can’t happen without being taken away — or bad things happening that are so bad that all the good gets erased.
Part of me: I don’t think it. I know it.

Me: Tell me more about that.
Part of me: You don’t have a realistic sense of the actual danger involved in feeling good. It’s asking for trouble.

Me: Why do you believe that’s true?
Part of me: Wouldn’t you rather expect the worst and be surprised, instead of expecting good things and getting hurt?

Me: So you are actually hoping for good things to happen. You just don’t want to hope out loud.
Part of me: Of course. That’s just common sense.