Me: Have you uncovered what AF stands for yet?
Agent: That’s the mission, right?

That’s the mission.

The spy who loves me had to set off suddenly for San Francisco.

He wasn’t sure why, he just needed to.

I am familiar with this type of thing. It is how I ended up at the Vicarage. It is also pretty much exactly how I ended up in San Francisco several years ago on my own life-altering escapade. Sometimes the mission just decides that it is time.

You’re going. You hadn’t planned on it and yet now it’s happening. Kind of like how I’m in Michigan this week even though that wasn’t the plan.

That’s the mission. And sometimes you aren’t even really sure why it is the mission, so figuring that part out is also the mission.

Everything you know about the mission and everything you don’t know about the mission makes up the mission. Sometimes the mission knows more about the mission than you do.

And sometimes the typo knows more about the mission than you do.

The spy who loves me posted on FB about his last-minute trip, hoping to connect with a couch.

Except he wrote AF instead of SF.

His fingers changed the mission.

So many options.

Me: Aspiration Fortress? Accidental Fortunes. Adventures Forever. Attitude of Flexibility, which helps if you’re having Adventures Forever! Affluence of Forms. Ascending into Flight. Alliance of Factions. Adoration and Freedom. Acquiring the Fragments. Avatar Fomenting. Analysis of Forgiveness. Accepting (good) Fortune. Attending Fountains. Asking the Flowers. Apples: Fuji. Ampersands Forever.

Agent: Well, I won’t know until I find out. Those do seem like good options though, so keep them coming if you want.
Me: It’s not so much that I want as that I can’t stop. Ascending Fluidly. Aperture to Fondness. Anachronistic Footwear. Approving Fractals (double meaning and just one guy)
Agent: Accelerating Fast…
Me: Adding Flips.
Agent: Accepting Funds.
Me: Acting Funny.
Agent: Advanced Fronds.
Me: Arriving Feet-first.
Agent: Affirmative to that.
Me: Nice. We’ll have to say “affirmative” a lot, because it starts with AF.
Agent: AFFIRMATIVE. Access Fortune.
Me: Affirmative to that. May it be so.

Names help, they just do. And words are magic, they just are.

Code names are incredibly useful. Secret agent code!

A new name can help me circumnavigate whatever Stuff I might have about the thing itself, or possible negative associations hidden inside of the name.

Folding laundry is pretty much never appealing — to me at least.

Unless it seems like an effective way to not-do something else, and then not-folding the laundry can be almost physically painful.

However, I might get intrigued by Operation Stack X4, which is, ta da, folding laundry. Do not tell the monsters.

And while I definitely don’t want to Write The Stressful Letter To The Horrible Person, I could talk myself into playing with Operation Transform Things Into Treasure.

Maybe folding laundry turns into the door to the letter. Maybe the secret op means the letter is no longer This Awful Stressful Thing Hanging Over My Head, and then the letter turns into a fractal flower, helping me do other things at the same time. So many possibilities.

This is why AF is a great name.

Not just because it contains accidental fortunes (and Accidental Fortunes). It’s also just easier to ask, “What do I know about A.F.?” than it is to deal with monster-questions like “What the hell am I doing here and oh god is this a horrible mistake?”

Sometimes I get stuck on the naming part itself.

This is why typos and auto-correct errors are incredibly helpful for renaming! A few other ways I rename things….

Sounds like or rhymes with…

Nine Days in San Francisco can be Time Ways in the Bam Bam Disco.

Folding laundry can be Bolding Quandary.

If Bolding Quandary is a band, Time Ways in the Bam Bam Disco is their best album, for sure.


Sometimes my entire Stist of Luff (list of stuff) looks like this:

Old the Flaundry. Coast Pards. Bake Tath. Ancel Cologne. Pleen the Clayground. Feeve Leedback.Keel with Dastle. Pight the Roast. Chork Banges. Killding Bode. Praking Mogress?

Acronym or acrostic.

S.A.N. Francisco. Solving and Nesting.

Folding The Laundry: Fresh Truth Love.


San Francisco is also — thank you Anagram Generator — Coins Fans Arc. Or: Can Cars Infos. Or: If Acorn Scans…

Fold laundry is A Fund Lordly. Or: Full On Dryad. Dandy Or Full. Lord Lady Fun!


An eight letter word makes a great compass. Then you can have a letter or a word in each direction.

Operation LAUNDERS could stand for Love (north), Access (northeast), Undoing (east), Newness (southeast), Doors (south), Ease (southwest), Resilience (west) and Shelter (northwest).

Secret agent op.

Calling something an operation or a mission automatically makes it more fun, for me.

I might not want to write that letter. Operation L.E.T.T.E.R.S., though….

That could involve a costume. Or a secret identity. I might need to rumba. It could be fun…

Accidental Fortunes.

Names are accidental fortunes.

Typos are accidental fortunes (and accidental names).

Words are play and magic and possibility. Or they can be.


There are things I have to do (or perceive that I have to do), and these are my missions.

There are things I get to do, and these are my missions.

There are things I get to discover, and these are missions too, even though I don’t always know I am on them.

Missions make me pay attention. Names make missions fun, powerful, exciting, full of unexpected discoveries.

Affirmative, affirmative, affirmative.

Let’s play.

We can name ops and missions.

We can rename parts of our day, projects we are working on or preparing ourselves for.

We can decide what AF might be.

We can play.

The Fluent Self