Big, crazy changes. Afoot.

Every once in a while I get hit by a wild and reckless burst of inspiration and come to the conclusion that — hey, what the heck — wouldn’t it be fun to totally restructure my entire business?

I honestly don’t know where I get the “fun” part, because it seriously almost never is. But, you know me, taking apart the old to make room for the new is kind of my thing.

Me and Shiva, god of destruction deconstruction. We’re like this.

Anyway …

Anyway, what’s really fun (by which I mean terrifying) is when I come up with something that goes way, way against the grain of all the stuff my old business mentor used to say, and also against a lot of the conventional wisdom that I’ve run into in the … well, conventional circles that I travel in.

Right. That would be why it’s called conventional wisdom. Which might go some way towards explaining why it bores the hell out of me.

Point being, I can tell by the way I feel both gleefully excited and shaking-in-my-boots scared at exactly the same time, that my wacky plan is absolutely the right thing to do.

So here’s what I’ve been processing for the past several months.

The plan.

I’m dropping most of my clients.*

*No, no, not YOU! If we already have sessions set up and you haven’t heard anything from me, then we’re fine. Promise. This isn’t a Dear John post or anything. That would just be mean.

Also, I’ve totally done away with my six month one-on-one coaching program.

And both of my three month group training programs.

All gone.

What I’m doing instead, now that I’ve (ahem) thoroughly scrapped all my primary sources of income, is following my heart.

Which means — as it turns out — devoting my energy to building a safe place where the people I love can go to work on their stuff, get support and encouragement, and practice getting better at the things I teach here.

Which has grown into this new Next Big Thing I’ve been talking about.

A fun, safe, cozy, supportive online biggification community.

It’s for my people. And for me and my duck.

Yes, it has a name now …

At The Kitchen Table With Havi & Selma.

And this is where I’ll be hanging out now when I’m not here.

Anyone who applies and gets in will get the chance to work with me and a bunch of other smart, creative, slightly oddball people on getting destuckified and putting their cool thing out there to the world.

I’ll be teaching oh, everything I know about biggified stuff like non-icky marketing, copywriting, making monies and so on (but in the most accessible, not-scary way possible) and also about this whole self-work “taking apart your habits to build better ones” thing that we do here.

And there will be a generous, loving canopy of peace for you to come in under and hide out with me. And with my duck, of course.

And that’s pretty much it.

A few people will still get to work with me one-on-one in 2009 … I’ll make a small number of six-session packages available (as an extra-help option) to those of you who are Kitchening it up with me.

Theoretically, you’ll also still be able to grab a one-off consultation with me if you aren’t at the Kitchen Table and you absolutely insist on it, but you really shouldn’t — my hourly rate is going up to $375.

And if that doesn’t cut down the two-month waiting list, I’ll just have to re-think things again.

As far as I’m concerned, this coming year for me is all about 1. taking care of myself and resting up, and 2. coming out with some fantastic — and possibly slightly bizarre — new products and mini-courses, which the people in the Kitchen Table are going to test-drive for me.

You can peek at the pretty, pretty facade if you like …

Or you can go straight to the “hey, here’s where you sign up” page, if you’re interested.

And of course, I’ll still be here!

If you’re not into the whole Kitchen Table thing, we’ll keep hanging out here and that will be awesome. In fact, I’ll actually probably be here even more, since several more hours will be magically added to my day.

So all in all — it’s pretty much good news for everyone.

And if you’re looking for me the rest of the time, I’ll be in the Kitchen. At the table.*

*Maybe you’ll be there too! I’ll make you a snack! And either way, I’ll be right here tomorrow for the next installment of Blogging Therapy. See you then.

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