Alright. I have all sorts of things to get done today, and I imagine you do too.

So I’m officially declaring today to be a Day of Chickening!

How it works:

You state the thing you want to do.

That’s basically it.

Or, if you like, you can also set it up (entry!).

For example, you can think about how you want to approach it or play with it.

And what will help.

And what you’re going to try if the initial approach doesn’t work.

Here’s mine.

Okay, background!

The monsters from the Grumblethrum Collective (their slogan: No time! No time!) are saying there are seventeen billion things that need to be done today.

We know from experience that this is not true, but it feels true.

So. My initial plan, to be revised later if necessary.

I’m going to try focusing on a few items (and using the fractal flowers so that working on one thing is secretly working on all the other things).

Maybe this will demonstrate to the Collective that yes, actually this does make a difference.

They’ve already — thanks to rigorous scientific testing I’ve persuaded them to let me run — accepted the premise that doing SOMETHING is more effective than them yelling and me getting stuck.

The approach for today:

Doing things in sets of three.

With a variation on what Maryann (of Secret Playdate fame) calls the layer cake technique.

(Layer cake is when you alternate X minutes of the thing you’re working on with X minutes of something creative, fun or different.)

Lately I’ve been doing my layering in intentionally-non-numbered sets of three.

  • First I work on the part of the project that intrigues me.
  • Next a creative or restful Intentional Switch of some kind.
  • And then following it up with something that is not fun and needs to be made more fun.

I also like break things up between sets.

Usually with ten minutes of walking around and breathing. Or interacting with my work space in some way (like some old Turkish lady stretches or giving myself puttering-permission). Puttering Time!

What will help?

Oh! I can use secret agent code phrases for the things I’m working on, and rename them.

If it doesn’t work?

What am I going to do if I’m not experiencing this in the way I want?

I’ll do some stone skipping and ask useful questions.


  • What are the qualities that will help me with this?
  • What about my environment is supporting me in this? What in my environment needs to change?
  • What is the essence/purpose/mission of the thing I’m trying to do?
  • How can I make this more like Rally (Rally!). How can this get more ease-filled, creative and fun?

And I will isolate iguanas/monsterlets/sad-selves as necessary, and help them find safe spaces.

Let’s do it!

What I want:

How much progress can I make today on updating the Crossing the Line page?

Here’s my first set:

#) Love notes (secret code!)
?) Tea
!!) Ask B + R about X

I will check-in during the day and see how this goes. Adjustments will be made as necessary.

You can play too. Comment zen for the chickening…

Just state (silently or here in the comments) what you want to work on or play with. That’s enough! You can proxy if you like.

Check back in as you feel like it.

If it gets challenging (or even if it doesn’t), we interact consciously. We experiment. We notice things.

We can respond to each other with warm, loving hand-on-heart sighs. Or cheering. Or whatever you want. Ask for what you want.

We all have our stuff. We take responsibility for our stuff and we let other people have their stuff. We don’t give each other advice — unless someone specifically asks for it.

Let the Day of Chickening begin!

p.s. This is something we do at my Kitchen Table program — with a dedicated board (the Deguiltified Chicken Board) just for this. I post chickens there almost every day. It’s how I get so much done. Developing a chickening habit: recommended! If you plan to be at Crossing the Line, we’ll learn how to do this.

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