Iguanas = the things you don’t feel like doing.

Sometimes you have a mess of them. And sometimes a giant pile of iguanas and doom.

Calling them iguanas makes it easier. Kiss to Karen for the awesome Inowanna Iguana.

Also: wanting to avoid things is normal.

The hardest part of putting an iguana to bed.

It’s not the way they want another story and then another one.

Or having to remember to bring a glass of water IN THE BLUE CUP like they want it.

It’s deciding which iguana to put to bed if you only have time for one of them.

When all the others are crying and clamoring READ ME A STORY TOO. TUCK ME IN TOO. DON’T YOU WANT TO TAKE CARE OF ME TOO?

Oh, sweet iguanas that I avoid so studiously.

I wish you could please put your enormous-eyed sad-eyed glances to some other use because right now I can only deal with one of you.

And whichever iguana I choose, another one is super sadmouse mcgee.

But if I hesitate and waver, pretty soon a day is gone and not a single iguana has gone to bed.

So one. It will have to be one.

And I’m choosing this one.

The Fluent Self