Okay. Iguanability is short for Iguanaccountability, which is the best kind of accountability there is. Because it’s deguiltified.

And because of the iguanas.

Iguanas = the [stupid, crappy, annoying] things you don’t feel like doing.

Calling them iguanas makes it weirdly easier to do them. This is all Karen‘s fault for creating the awesome Inowanna Iguana.

Doing this iguanability thing is a reminder that it’s completely normal to avoid stuff you don’t feel like doing and that you are a lovely person despite not wanting to do them.

So we use these posts to get acknowledgment and cheering while working on our iguanas. Like an iguana chicken! And even if we don’t get them done, we know that we are still loved and adored.

My first thing that doesn’t want to be done yet:

A decent HAT for my new program.*

* HAT stands for Havi’s Announcing A Thing — it’s essentially a sales page but I can’t say sales page without having to throw up a little. So I decorate hats instead of writing copy.

I’m doing a three day thing in June about the art of not being intimidated by biggification. Which will be awesome. And will sell out in a day.

If I actually write the page and tell people about it.

Reminding myself why I’m wanting to do it now:

This is the time.

Sure, it’s gotten delayed because of the Canada trip and a small clan of semi-emergencies that have been popping up.

This is something that will be so much fun. And so powerful. And it will set the energy for the new Playground.

Making it easier on myself by:

Permission to do a crappy first run and then hate it.

Dedicating 20 minutes to making initial notes and then putting on some Beastie Boys and dancing around.

Remembering that this whole process is about fun and play.

Resistance coming up says:

“But you have a million things to do! And they’re all more important than this! And you can’t neglect your blah blah blah. And when are you going to do all these other things? And why won’t you look at the bigger picture and realize that there is no point to doing anything because there will always be more work!?!?!

Me saying to resistance:

“Oh, I see.

You’re feeling worried that I’ll get overworked and I’ll lose sight of taking care of myself. And yet your methodology is based on keeping me paralyzed by telling me about all the things I’m not doing.

Listen, I like that you want us to stay connected to the bigger picture and the bigger purpose. And, you also know that when I think about everything that has to be done, I get overwhelmed and I fall apart.

And then nothing gets done.

So here’s what we’re going to do: I’ll tell you about it when I make my commitment, okay? “


I am not going to put my attention to the million things that want doing. But I will acknowledge that there are a lot of them.

And after I’ve given twenty minutes to this one thing, I’ll ask my First Mate to help me make a list of the other things that are going on, so we can address them at Drunk Pirate Council tomorrow.

And I’ll check in with myself as I go.

My second thing that doesn’t want to be done yet:

Changes to the my other website.

Reminding myself why I’m wanting to do it now:

Because the look and the energy are old and out-dated.

Because I built that site when my relationship to dance and teaching were different.

Because this is what needs to happen next.

Making it easier on myself by:

Committing to make just three changes instead of trying to make all the changes.

Resistance coming up says:

“This is a distraction. Your business is The Fluent Self. All the dance teaching brain training stuff is a side thing. This isn’t where your energy needs to go. Do you want it to be like last time when …?! “

Me saying to resistance:

“Oh, I get it. The we don’t want it to be like last time thing. Right. You’re one of my monsters.

Well, hon. You’re absolutely right that we don’t want it to be like last time. And I don’t think it will be. Lots of things are different about right now.

And one of the things that’s different is my intention. And what I know about myself.

So why don’t we give this a shot and find out more about the relationship between different parts of what I do? We won’t spend all week on this. It’s a small project, and we’ll see how it goes.”


To notice when the stuck shows up.

To remind myself that this is part of a sovereignty practice.

To keep this project small for now, knowing that it can change and grow into something else later. All I’m doing is planting seeds and doing some loving, much-needed maintenance.

Comment zen for the Iguanability stuff:

Okay. This blog is a zero-guilt space. Which means …

No shoulds. No shoes. No service. Okay, maybe service. But definitely no advices.

However, little hoorays are appreciated. As are offers of drinks. Or ritual sacrifices to the Iguana.

And of course you are more than welcome to share your own chickens iguanas Things That Don’t Want To Be Done Yet and whatever is being processed around that.

I promise no one here is going to make you feel bad if what you want to happen doesn’t happen in the way you want it to, but we will be supportive so you can regroup.

As Neil Diamond once (horrifyingly) said: chicken ripple ice cream. Goodness.

The Fluent Self