Explanation please?

Iguanability is short for Iguanaccountability, which is what happens when you get deguiltified accountability with your iguanas.

Iguanas are the [stupid, crappy, annoying] things you don’t feel like doing.

Doing this iguanability thing is a reminder that it’s completely normal to avoid stuff you don’t feel like doing and that you are a lovely person despite not wanting to do them.

So it’s like a special iguana chicken where we use this blog as to get acknowledgment and cheering while working on our iguanas. And even if we don’t do the thing, we know that we are still loved and adored.

This whole thing is my friend Karen‘s fault: she came up with the Inowanna Iguana

It just gets more complicated from there so I’m going to stop explaining now.

But just to be clear, that’s the iguana wearing the top hat (not me), and it’s a chicken in which there is a top hat, not a top hat chicken.

My first thing that doesn’t want to be done yet:

A rough draft TOC (table of contents) for a new product I’m working on messing around with.

Reminding myself why I’m wanting to do it now:

This is exactly the right time. I will feel so much better once there’s some sort of outline.

Making it easier on myself by:

Giving myself permission to do the Barbara Sher version which is the five minute “do it really badly” scrawl where you totally lose points if it sounds at all coherent at the end.

Resistance coming up says:

“But you have so many things to do that are more important than this and how can you possibly justify thinking about something you this big when you’re about to go off to California to teach for a week?

And there’s so much pressure because you have to get this exactly right and couldn’t you just do one of the other seventeen hundred things that need your immediate attention?”

Me saying to resistance:

“Mmmmm. I see.

You’re feeling worried that I will get distracted from what’s important, and you also want to know that I’m going to do it right.

Okay. I’m wondering if it might be useful to really limit the time on this one. To do five minutes of scribbling and five minutes of moving stuff around.

Then we could hand it over to some of my students to get some initial feedback, and I won’t worry about it until we’re back.”


I will make fifteen minutes for this.

I will wrap this fifteen minutes in good things at both ends.

We’ll do shiva spirals first to fabulously inappropriate music. And when the fifteen minutes are up there will be tea.

Additionally, I’m committing to jotting down whatever my resistance says while this is happening, and I have permission to have a complete emotional breakdown in the middle and put it off for a few more weeks.

My resistance isn’t liking this right now, but that little conversation is going to need a Negotiator so more on that later.

My second thing that doesn’t want to be done yet:

Travel plans for my actual Non-Emergency Vacation.

Reminding myself why I’m wanting to do it now:

I really, truly know in my body that restful time off gives me clear-headedness and mad getting in the zone, and that it is always better for my business when I stop working.

Experience has proven this over and over again. The hard way.

However, the time gremlins have been very clear regarding their position on this, and I’m pretty sure they’re the ones sabotaging this. They mean well. We just have issues.

Making it easier on myself by:

Making some calls before I book anything.

I’ll run stuff by Hiro and I’ll ask other friends for reminders and reassurances.

I will be Baby Steps McGee on this.

Resistance coming up says:

“Who do you think you are? You think you’re special? You think you get to not work?

You have a household to support and rent to pay, young lady. You can’t go gallivanting around the world doing whatever you feel like. Do you want to be an itinerant? Do you want to sleep in a cardboard box?!

Maybe if you work non-stop for a few more years you can think about taking a vacation, but until then GET YOUR ASS TO WORK!”

Me saying to resistance:


So. You still feel really strongly about this. I know you want to protect me ever experiencing poverty and horribleness again, and I can appreciate that. A lot.

And at the same time, if I wear myself out, the work I do can’t be effective. And then I’ll be too burnt out to make money and we’re back where we started.

Can we maybe look at this not as “vacation” but as investing in my brain and my emotional well-being so that I can keep being innovative and creative at a high level?

Because let’s be honest. It’s being innovative and creative that has helped my business be so successful. And I can’t do that when I’m too exhausted to see straight. “


Half an hour.

We’ll look at our options, crunch some numbers and run it by some friends who value my mental health more than my resistance does.

And then a few days to sleep on it, meditate on it, dance on it and see where it lands.

Reporting back …

Ah yes. Last time.

I finished the stuck writing project.

Big progress on the tax stuff: I had a two-hour meeting as promised, and we sorted a bunch of stuff out. Now it’s back in the hands of Jennifer the Goddess of Bookkeeping and then there is another chunk for me.

All in all, this was useful.

Comment zen for the Iguanability stuff:

Okay. This is a zero-guilt space. Which means …

No shoulds. No shoes. No service. Okay, maybe service. But definitely no advices.

However, little hoorays are appreciated. As are offers of drinks. Or ritual sacrifices to the Iguana.

And of course you are more than welcome to share your own chickens iguanas Things That Don’t Want To Be Done Yet and whatever is being processed around that.

I promise no one here is going to make you feel bad if what you want to happen doesn’t happen in the way you want it to, but we will be supportive so you can regroup.

As Neil Diamond once (horrifyingly) said: chicken ripple ice cream. Goodness.

The Fluent Self