Hello, new month!

Time to passage between the months again and notice things.

Passaging out of January. What worked in January?

Knowing that two weeks of silent retreat at the Vicarage were waiting for me at the end.

I never would have been able to do all the things that needed doing without that shining light at the end of the tunnel.

Dancing every day.

Speaking my mind.

Getting close to the ground. Following instinct. Remembering that Nothing Is Wrong. This was truly the month of Actually Nothing Is Wrong.

So long, January. Things I might try differently next time?

Noticing when Insecure Me shows up. It’s usually when I haven’t been sleeping and yoga-ing. When she is at the front of the V, there is a lot of unnecessary pain.

Taking the nap (or the bath or the walk) before I think I need it.

No teaching. January is not for teaching. January is for writing.

Passaging into February. Hello, February!

Hi. Hi.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Qualities I want for February.

Pleasure. Peacefulness. Steadiness. Delight. Vitality. Attentiveness. Anticipation. Presence. Grace. Silliness. Appreciation. Harmony. Wonder. Trust. Serendipity. Shelter. Adventure. Passage.

Let’s choose words for February.

I’m going with the word in the calendar: VOYAGE.

And, of course: Vicarage.

And the superpowers of V.I.C.A.R.A.G.E.

Vital internal compass aligning and resetting to access and glow (with) energy.

I’m turning the page in the Stompopolis calendar.

Can I just tell you how exactly made-for-me last month’s words and images were? The ENTRY and the vortex stone and especially-especially the superpower of Nothing Is Wrong.

It was just right.

And this month looks to just as perfect. The word is VOYAGE (Look! I am on one right now!). And the superpower is easy transitions, which is, quite possibly, the thing I am craving most in my life right now.

Additional February superpowers?

I detest valentine’s day and I will be back just in time for it, so maybe there is a superpower that has to do with pristine force fields. Or with extracting the pure essence of sweetness from surrounding bullshit.

What else?

Something about flowers. And, as always, TRADE WINDS.

The current knows what to do. Use the trade winds!

The superpower of finding the fountain. The superpower of the right companions at the right moments. The superpower of a time and a place for everything.

Things I’m working on and playing with in February.

Being receptive to new configurations.

Dry Dock: the time between the end of the 2012 Floop and the beginning of the 2013 Floop at the end of this month.

Letting things be easier than I think they’re going to be.

Using the fact that No, Really, Nothing Is Wrong to remember that this moment is right.

Things I’m looking forward to in February.

Hanging out with Incoming Me at the Vicarage.

Finding the fountain.

Voyages, passages and crossing.

Horizon and water.

Reunion. Coming home. Playmate. Delight.

February Rally (Rally!). First Rally since September. This will be amazing.

The bout against Cherry City. Sometimes a friendly is just the thing.

Tu B’shvat. The birthday of the trees.

What February could be like.

Peaceful and inspired. Full of doors opening at the exact right moments.

Slightly future me says…

Pay attention to pleasure: texture, taste, softness, your feet on the floor, rhythm. Participate in — and delight in — the vitality of being alive.

Naming the moon.

This is a tradition I borrowed from Waverly. You can read more about how I do it if you like.

This will be the moon of new flowers.


I want to be here now.

Goodbye, January. Thank you for everything. Goodbye everything that is done. Thank you for being done. Mmhmm.

Hello, February. I am touching you on the cheek.

Come in, come in. Let’s cross. Over and through.

Play with me…

I mess around with entry and exit each month, going with whatever shows up.

For other versions, peek at 2011: July / August / September / October / November and December. Or 2012: January / February / March / April / May. A love letter to June / July / August / September / October / November / December.

And of course last month.

Feel welcome to deposit notes for your entry into February here, if you like. Or drop off some wishes. Or leave flowers.

As always, we make this a safe space by not telling each other what to do, how to be or how to feel. We make room for each other.

Wishing you a February that is pleasurable, supportive, and full of unexpectedly good things. And love. All the love.

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