Last month we didn’t say hello to September until the 8th. This time we’re closer to the entrance — I haven’t landed yet on the timing that feels right but will keep playing/experimenting.

Ideally I think I’d want a two-part ritual. Maybe a tentative wish-filled and welcoming hello to the month before it started, and then to check in and make proper introductions once it had begun.

Anyway, October! You’re here. Hello.

This is an experimental form, and always changing. Peek at July and August too for a sense of the variety.

And yes, this is is in the context of preparing for the voyage and other forms of conscious entry.

October gwishes!

A gwish is something that is not a goal and not a wish but somewhere in between.

And more fun to say. Gwishgwishgwishgwishgwishgwishgwish!

So many gwishes. Including…

Wanting what I want — and practicing that.

Nothing scarier than acknowledging desire — and giving legitimacy to the essence of desire.

The object of desire does not need to make sense or even be achieved. The point is being okay with the wanting.

This is something I’m working on in my business, at the Playground, in my home and in all sorts of unlikely corners of my life.

It involves looking for the qualities of the thing I’m wanting, and examining the internal rules and monster laws that say I’m not allowed to want it.

I’ve been practicing small (this is the bathroom stall I’m headed towards, that is the side of the street I feel like being on), and it’s been fascinating. Let’s have more of that this October.

And I’d like some shivanautical understandings to help me get better at wanting what I want, unapologetically.

Changing rituals for the changing season.

This is the part of the year when all my summer rituals collapse in on themselves because everything is dark and the weather isn’t playing along.

And it usually takes me a while to get into my fall and winter patterns.

This time around I’d like to do more work with the Book of Me, particularly with filling out more of the almanac sections.

And then to remember what I love about fall, and to set things up for that.

  • Warm evening baths.
  • Heidi’s marvelous Losing It potion.
  • Leaf-crunching and puddle-stomping walks.
  • Flannel sheets.
  • Blanket forts.

16 and 16.

As you might know, I have been doing really intense work this past year with the concept of conscious entry and exit.

Mindfully and playfully experimenting with how I approach beginnings and endings. Remembering to pause (paws!) at the moments of threshold.

And lately I’ve been broadening my experiments and making them more extreme. Hahahahaaaaaaa mad scientist laugh!

So. At the end of October I’m running Crossing the Line: the 8 Day Voyage (password: haulaway), which is intense destuckification plus the stuff I don’t teach here because it’s too highly-hopped for mass consumption.

It will be AMAZING. And it’s a lot of work.

Normally I would carve out a few days before and after for deep immersion into teaching space, and deep recovery.

This time I want to double the time I’m spending in it. So if it’s eight days of teaching, I get sixteen days of preparation time.

Obviously, this is insane. I’d have to start Going Dark this Sunday. But I’m going to try to do this with an Island Time sort of approach.

Plum Duff!

This October is all about Plum Duff days (password: extraraisins), which go until Monday, October 17th at 11:00 am Pacific.

Except of course that everything will probably be sold out before then — I don’t think plum duff has ever lasted as long as it was supposed to.

Lots of amazing things happening.

Like two different types of highly unusual scholarships to events I’m teaching. Speaking of fun-to-say: Scholarship ship!

A new Gwish Kit. Signing up for a Rally, gets you comped into my Art of Embarking course. Various other exciting options.

My gwish is for plum duff days to be a happy, celebratory period, full of hope and possibility. And for it to continue.

The thing with Plum Duff is that it’s a GIANT production, with crazy hours of back-end administrative and design stuff. My pirate crew puts in serious overtime to make it happen.

I love doing it because it means making things possible that might normally not be. It’s the most loving thing I can do inside of the business.

But I’m going to need to be able to convince the grown-ups in the company that it’s also profitable enough to justify the massive amount of work that goes into it. So I’m gwishing for help — from all possible helper mice — in general rejoicing and spreading the word. Thank you!

The right name so I can try this thing I want to try.

A number of people I know run Quarterly Business Meetings where they talk about vision and plans and where they want their company to go.

I have visions! I have plans! That seems like a good idea.

Except that words like Quarterly and Business and Meeting make me want to curl up and cry for the rest of my life.

So we can’t call it that because I’ll never actually do it.

Either we need to come up with something that sounds similar but isn’t (Corduroy Circus Beatings?) or I need to send up a bat signal for Metaphor Mouse.

We’re Tigre and Bunny and we like the Beets! And the Boom. Or Pinky and Tina, as we also like to mis-remember it.

Either way, I need to call together the Enthusiastic (the opposite of a Board) and set up a date. And for that, I need the name.

Blanket forts everywhere!

One of the best things about Rally (Rally!) is all the crazy creative blanket forts that people build at the Playground for hiding in and working on their projects.

Last week I had someone put up a ton of hooks in random places to facilitate even more spontaneous blanket-forting.

Spontaneous Blanket Forting. Is it … just one guy?

I want my own blanket forts. In my office aka the pirate queen quarters aka the Dressing Room. And at Hoppy House.

Instead of just drooling over other people’s droolings (like here and here and here), I want some forts!

Let’s do this, October.

Naming the month.

Remember when we named the moons?

I would like to name October to remind me of the thing I am practicing right now.

Let’s call it … the Moon of Elongated Entrance and Exits.

You can name October whatever you like, of course.

Ooh, and you don’t know this yet, but on the 2012 Playground calendar, there’s a space on each page to name the month. I’m so excited about that. Hello, month!

Play with me! Comment zen in the giant collective blanket fort.

I’m putting these all into the pot with love.

If you would like to throw things into the pot and/or think about your relationship with this October, go for it. You can do it here in the comments or silently in your heart.

Or wherever and however you like, of course.

We all have our stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. It’s a process.

We let other people have their stuff and take responsibility for our own stuff. We do this by not giving other people advice or telling them what to do or how to feel.

Kisses to the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

Extra wishes for a safe, healthy, delight-filled October with lots of the good kind of surprises.

Postscripting! Today is Day 2 of Plum Duff days (extraraisins) when things are extra special/affordable. If you’re scholarshipping, the sooner the better.

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