1. I am a fan of entry and exit.
  2. I like rituals. You may have noticed.
  3. Waving hi to the month of July is a variation on my daily Hello, Day practice.
  4. Gwishes: what I call those things that are not goals or wishes but kind of both.

That should be enough. Let’s do this.

Hello, July! What I want from July.

By which I mean: What I’d like to receive/learn/perceive/experience in July.

Okay. I want to be able to rejoice over July. To release this dread, resistance, regret, fighting-with-what-is.

It’s July. I’d like to be able to say HELLO, JULY, without the accompanying Oh crap how is it already July?!

Or if I can’t accept the July-ness of July yet, at least to recognize that and say hello to it too.

I want to see the good and find the good and remember the good. Without minimizing the hard.

To have something reignite. Sparks. Excitement, enthusiasm, optimism. I don’t know. I can’t remember. I want to remember.

I want this to be the month when I arrive on the other side of this gigantic growth period and say ahahahahahahaaaaaaaa this!

The qualities and superpowers of this July.

Hope. Trust. Safety. Support. Love. Adaptability. Agility. Congruence. Flow. Forgiveness. Play.

For my body.

Walking, breathing, singing, tramping on the tramp, going to dance class, lots of Shiva Nata (five minutes at a time), napping.

And lots of water.

And more napping.

Sleep, basically. As a gift. Here you go, body. I care about you. Enjoy.

What does Slightly Future Me have to say about all this?

She says:

You’re doing great, hon.

This can be another turning point if you let it. You’ve done the work.

The key is joy, delight, gratitude, not-forcing.

And you have to play with it. Fill up on your you-ness.

Stop. Look around. Stop again. Enter and exit. Be conscious.

And take lots of baths.

Let’s make some Gwishes!

Gwish! Gwish! Like bubbles.

I gwish for:

  • A vacation! A longer one!
  • For the ten Shiva Nata posts writing themselves in my brain to put themselves on paper or turn themselves into pixels.
  • For a redoing of the Plum Duff Days in the new format.
  • Spaciousness and ease.
  • A new couch.

And let’s throw some things into the pot.

I throw all of this into the pot.

Play with me? And comment zen for today.

You are welcome to write your own Hello, July.

Or drop off some gwishes.

Or write July a love letter.

Or invent your own month-welcoming (or month-naming) ritual.

We all have our stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. We take responsibility for our stuff. Because without sovereignty and spaciousness, this whole thing falls apart.

And we make this a safe space by not telling each other what to do, how to be or how to feel. We make room for each other.

That is all. Much love and happy July-ing.

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