I know we’re already a week in, but it I’m finally feeling like I’m getting to know August a little.

Plus it was so great saying Hello to July that I wanted to try it again, in a different form this time.

Here’s what I like about August so far: I kind of have a tan. Jon, stop laughing.

You know, not so much tan as a light beige. But still. Exciting. For me.

Anyway, August! Let’s talk. I’m going to write you a letter.

Dear August!

Hello. It’s me. I’m happy we are doing this together.

And I am reminding myself that just because you are called August does not mean that you will be anything like Augusts past — yes, now is not then.

In fact, last year I can’t recall that we talked much.

Anyway, I can still use what I know from past experience about August-like things — heat! raspberries! staying hydrated!, but I am not going to let you be defined by memory of other times that shared your name.

You will be you, and I am here to find out what you are like.

What shall I call you?

To create some distance from those remembered-Augusts and because naming things has a certain power, I am naming the moon again.

Temporarily naming this moon the Moon of the Groove. Because that kind of sums up my mood.

This is what I will call you until you tell me otherwise.

And you can call me by a secret name and I won’t tell anyone at all.

How I would like to describe you.

This is what I would like to say about August and your august-ness while you are happening:

I am full of energy. There is so much creative flow happening for me. And I am also resting up and taking things easy.

This August is full of metaphorical Island Time, and I am learning so much about what it is like to not be hurried. I have everything I need.

How I would like to remember you.

And this is what I would like to say about August and your august-ness when you are past:

This August was full of delightful surprises. I was in my strengths. I was able to be curious, playful and adventurous in both internal and external situations and processes.

Time felt remarkably spacious, and I remembered to stop and breathe. Sing ho for August!

What I am looking forward to when I think about being with you.

Let’s see. So many good things on the calendar…

Leading the August Rally (Rally!), of course, which begins this evening. Rally #12!

It also marks a year since the very first Rally ever, hard to believe.

And teaching the sold-out! Shiva Nata August series.

Releasing the Shiva Nata iPhone app. YAY!

Lots of great Roller Derby. The first official bout for our men’s derby. The August Takedown in which Rose City’s Wheels of Justice are skating against Boston. Fun.

Sorry in advance, Boston. But the Northwest Passage (east coast teams coming out for three consecutive ass-kickings from Rose City, Rat and the Oly Rollers) will make you stronger. Totally worth it.

And I would really like to have a holiday. Maybe in Astoria or Bend? Or visit my uncle Svevo?

What I’m feeling a little anxious about or unprepared for.

This seems like a lot of busy.

I want to know that I will still have time for my own process. Integration and consolidation time.

Let’s see. I might need to have a conversation with slightly future me, and do some negotiating with the Persnickety Time Gremlins who are yelling NO TIME NO TIME.

And of course another round of why now is not like then.

What I would like to give you, August.

My full presence, unconditionally.

My love and attention. Appreciation. Welcoming.

The willingness to be wrong. And an approach that is playful and inquisitive.

And what I would like to receive from you.

The same, of course.

And also:

Spaciousness, comfort, a sense of belonging in this sequence of time.

Let’s be silly. Get a little crazy on the pirate ship.

And let’s throw some things into the pot.

I throw all of this into the pot.

Play with me? And comment zen for today.

You are welcome to write your own Hello, August. Maybe with elements of what I did here or more like a Hello, Day or what we did in July.

Or drop off some gwishes.

Or invent your own month-welcoming (or month-naming) ritual.

We all have our stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. We take responsibility for our stuff. Because without sovereignty and spaciousness, this whole thing falls apart.

And we make this a safe space by not telling each other what to do, how to be or how to feel. We make room for each other.

That is all. Much love and happy August-ing.

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