We’ve said hello to several months this year (four so far, I think), but we haven’t yet said any goodbyes. At least not out loud.

Today seems like the right moment to revisit Hello, October and then make my farewells.

What I loved about October this year…

So many things.

Some of them October Things:

  • The last of the tomatoes from the garden.
  • Sun! Lots and lots of sun.
  • Sukkot! The holiday of blanket forts…
  • The return of the red flannel sheets.
  • Crunching leaves.
  • The last hurrah of the last of the roses.
  • Dahlias. Ohmylord.
  • Roasted sweet potato. Fresh baked pumpkin seed bread.
  • Hats! Time for hats. I look great in hats.
  • Borrowing the gentleman’s giant warm hoodie.
  • Hot yummy fall food from the food carts.
  • The first wearing of the rainboots.
  • Crisp air.
  • October means that Deschutes puts out the Jubelale, and all is good in the world.

And some of them things that just happened to be in October:

  • My new hiding space and blanket fort just for me!
  • Redecorating the Playground.
  • The outrageously great people and experiences from Crossing the Line. password: haulaway
  • Having Barbara Sher come teach at my Kitchen Table program.
  • Three new forum boards at the KT.
  • Massive depiling.
  • Bathtime.
  • Learning Thriller.
  • Making a new friend.
  • Discovering that the people who go to dance class with me have become my community.
  • Finding ways for things to happen way in advance, and feeling what that’s like.
  • Miraculously choosing the just-right present for someone.
  • Walking through the streets holding a giant fuzzy monster and meeting all sorts of interesting people as a result.
  • Buying make-up. And kind of liking it. I know!
  • “I’ve got it! There are two of everything!”

What was hard about this October?

Busy busy busy busy.

Getting dark early.

Missing lots of dance class due to being sick.


An attack of someone else’s stuff masquerading as an attack of my stuff. Dizziness and fear that did not belong to me.

What about the dancing Revue?

I dislike reviews because they’re super stressful (for me!), and so we have a dancing spangly Revue instead.

And, for the record, I’m totally picturing kooky 1930s cartoon mice doing some sort of vaguely obscene chorus line.

The Revue always has two questions:

1) What worked? 2) What might I want to try in the future?

What worked this October?

My new quarters at the Playground. Having a place just for me. Taking iron. Going for walks. Getting a new coat.

The amazing Board of Surprisers convening, and doing Show & Tell.

Practicing wanting what I want.

Getting ridiculous amounts of things done before the Crossing.

What might I want to try in the future?

More entry. More exit. More time and spaciousness. More vitamin C.

More setting things up in advance for slightly future me.

Looking back at Hello, October.

What do I notice?

I wanted to practice Wanting the Wanting, and that was a big part of this month.

There was a gwish about rituals and 16-16. Both of these were useful. And challenging.

There was something that needed the perfect name, and that name came to me.

I wanted Plum Duff magic, and that was a fascinating experiment.

Then I wanted blanket forts everywhere and a month full of Elongated Entrances and Exits, and both of those things came true in just the right way. You know what? I’m actually feeling kind of surprised and pleased right now with my gwishing and with the unexpected results. Huh. Cool!

Goodbye, October.

I am appreciating the good.

I am learning from the hard.

Thank you for this month. And for zombie Thriller.

Fair Winds, October! I will see you in one year when you are new and I am new and we are both new versions of ourselves.

Play with me! Comment zen in the giant collective blanket fort.

I’m putting this all into the pot with love.

If you would like to leave some noticings about this October or your relationship with October, that would be lovely. Here in the comments or quietly just for you.

As always: we all have stuff. So we take responsibility for our stuff and let other people have their stuff. We practice this by not giving other people advice or telling them what to do or how to feel.

Kisses to the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

Postscripting! I actually remembered to send out an announcement to my very occasional Havi’s Announcing a Thing list last week. So if you’re not on that, you might want to be. Sign-up is on the events page.

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