I wrote a post about closing doors.

And then lost it.

The post, yes?

Which is kind of interesting, given that a lot of what I had to say about closing doors had to do with order.


I am in the process of ordering things. Not around. Just figuring out some new sequences and structures and putting things in their place.

Ending things that need to be ended.

Closing all the doors that need closing.

Here are the questions I’m asking myself today:

  1. What doors can I close right now?
  2. What would make my life easier right now?
  3. What will make this more lighthearted and playful?
  4. What here needs order?
  5. And what here could do with a little intentional chaos?

So. Here’s what came up.

What doors can I close right now?


Most of what’s coming up seems to use the formula of “Follow up with [X] about [Y] so that I can [Z].”

Not a great formula.
Because of the built-in iguanas (iguana = anything you don’t feel like doing). Inowanna!

Okay. So stepping around the iguanas for now. What doors can still be closed without having to encounter an iguana?

  • I can look for an awesome replacement flashlight (Etsy?)
  • Gather my list of questions for the next Drunk Pirate Council.
  • 45 minutes of de-piling the pile (and putting the iguanas aside as they show up)

What would make my life easier and/or better right now?

  • Clearing away these dishes.
  • Inventing a kooky ritual.
  • Permission to not have to look at that one thing I thought was going to get some love yesterday but didn’t because I was too depressed about our Rose City Rollers not making it to Nationals.
  • A grilled cheese sandwich.

What will make this more lighthearted and playful?

  • Going for a walk to clear my head before I need it.
  • Music.
  • Getting out the fabulous rhinestone gloves.
  • Did I say grilled cheese sandwich? I did. Still want one.

What here needs order?

  • This giant pile of doom.
  • The fog in my head.
  • The sequence of doors that need closing.

And what here could do with a little intentional chaos?

Everything, probably.

It’s like in Shiva Nata when we intentionally step into chaos in order to regroup.

We intentionally choose the flailing and the confusion to force the brain to generate creative solutions.

And then we systematically build new patterns. While following exact mathematical sequences.

So aside from doing some Dance of Shiva to The Clash

What else will give me that sensation of intentional chaos?

What can I turn upside down?

You know what? I’m going to mess up the pile and spread it all over the floor.

And then pretend that there is a sequence to it. And look for clues. And then eat a grilled cheese sandwich.

Play with me?

You can close some doors.

Or ask what would make things easier.

Or find out what needs order and/or chaos? Or have a sandwich.

I would love some company on this one. Because it’s iguana city around here.

As always, we make nice in the comments. We let people have their own experience (because we’re all working on our stuff).

And we don’t give advice (unless someone asks).

Big love to you on this seriously Monday-esque Monday.

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