This is a thing I picked up from Tapas about six years ago.

It’s completely brilliant in a fractal flowers sort of way.

The idea is this:

Everything you’re choosing to do for yourself probably has some sort of purpose or intention.

But don’t stop there.

Not only can you set some sort of intention about what you want, but you can also toss in everything else you want to work on as well, no matter how unrelated it seems.

Doing some sort of healing process for your back? Acupuncture for your knee? Or maybe you’re visiting your accountant for advice or having a difficult conversation.

Throw it all into the pot.

Without having to know how it’s going to work. Just naming the want.

Healing this ankle, please! Into the pot. To have some sort of insight about this relationship that isn’t working. Into the pot. And I’d really to get back to dancing. Into the pot. What do I know about these piles? Into the pot. Letting go of this old painful misunderstanding. Into the pot!

As if you’re making soup, and the thing you’re actively working on is the main ingredient or the type of soup. And everything else is vegetables from the garden and seasoning and surprises.

Or like a giant, messy, awesome Very Personal Ad.

We do this when I teach yoga, and with clients.

That’s old Turkish lady yoga, of course.

We just throw it all into the pot.

Whatever we’re there to do (breathe, relax, stretch, be curious about our bodies, become stronger, happier and more resilient). Into the pot!

And all the things we’re secretly there to do. All the things we wish for.

The things we want in that moment, whatever they are:

Safety, peace, light-heartedness, support, companionship, solitude, inspiration, trust, freedom, simplicity. Into the pot.

And the things we want to let go of. Into the pot.

And then we look for the essence.

We look for the essence, and then we throw that into the pot, because often our starting wish isn’t necessarily related to what we really want at all, and that’s the part we care about.

For example, what’s the essence of wanting to fit into clothing?

It depends on the person, of course. But it might be something like “feeling strong, radiant and more at home in my body.”

What’s the essence of making more money?

It might be peace and security. It might be freedom and possibility.

Whatever it is…into the pot it goes.

What the pot is.

It’s the thing that contains desire.

The pot contains desire and distills it into something you can use. An insight, a metaphor, an infusion of goodness, a strengthening of your force field, a glimpse of what might be possible.

And now my job today is to notice. To notice and to release expectations.

And to keep tossing things into the pot, of course.

And comment zen for today…

Since I have extra superpowers today from being at Rally and hanging out in the Playground where everything is possible…

I have set up a very special pot for all the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

And you can bring all your wishes, desires and hopes for the day or the week or for your life and drop them into the pot.

You can find the essence. You can just say the thing you’d like to feel, experience, perceive, receive or know.

You can do it here in the comments or silently in your heart.

It all counts. Into the pot!

As with any conscious, mindful, loving practice, this one can bring up our stuck. So we make room for it. We find out what it needs. We give that need to the pot too.

And, as always, we let people have their own experience and we don’t give each other unsolicited advice (unless people specifically ask, in which case, go for it).


The Fluent Self