Last Tuesday we were doing our usual Blogging Therapy thing, and I ended up wondering out loud about who among my lovely readers was putting this stuff into practice.

In other words, which people had either started a blog, revived a blog or restructured a blog after getting all hot and bothered (in a good way, yes?) by this series.

Partly because I was wondering whether these posts were having any effect in the real world, other than making people feel better.*

*Which is also important — I’m not trying to downplay the sparkly wonder that is feeling better … yay for feeling better.

And partly because I could really use some more good stuff to read.

And not just to read, but to be able to tell people about. Stuff that’s so real — so alive — that reading it will help the people I care about feel joyful and reassured and full of love.

Ahem, I’m talking to you, Ms Wormy! Tell me when I can link to you!

But I digress.

Here’s what I’ve learned, so far:

Eight people reported that this series lit the spark and gave them that friendly push to go ahead and launch a blog already.

Five people said they’d drastically changed the focus/style of their blog due to this series.

Also we’ve got two resuscitations of blogs that had been fairly neglected.

And I’ve lost count of the number of people who wrote and said that they’re feeling good about moving forward with this, and will be working on writing some exploratory posts over their holiday vacation in the upcoming weeks.

No really, I have lost count. Don’t make me go back and count them.

Additionally, three clients that I had sessions with with this week also mentioned their plans to “get this thing rolling already”. And there was much rejoicing.

Which gave me an idea …

Actually, that wasn’t at all what gave me the idea. What gave me the idea was a very intense round of wacky yoga brain training, but I’ll tell you about that on Friday.

Getting to the point …

If you guys (or several of you, at least) are going to be spending a good part of the holidays making progress on blogging it up — or on thinking about blogging it up — I am committed to making space where I can be there with you to hold your hand.

If you want me there, of course.

So I’ve put together a mini-course. A Let’s Get This Show On The Road course. A Screw Therapy and Get Blogging course.

A You Know, Even if You’re Not Ready Yet, I Love You Just The Same So Please Let Me Whisper Sweet Words of Guilt-free Encouragement In Your Ear Course.

Fine, so I don’t really have a name for it. That’s not the point.

There are two (well, three) parts to this course.

Class #1: Moving through the fear
A small, cozy group of us spends two hours together working on the various fears and scariness that comes up for us around this theme. Taking what we’ve started in the Blogging Therapy series and going way, way deeper.

I won’t try to talk you out of being scared, because that would be obnoxious. You’re absolutely allowed to have as much fear as happens to be there at the moment.

We’ll use some great techniques to make things feel more comfortable and more do-able, but no one will tell you that you’re wrong to be afraid.

By the end you’ll feel that tingly excitement of possibility. The spark. We love the spark.

And in addition to being destuckified, you’ll also have some Useful Tricks for calming yourself down whenever you need it.

Class #2: Oh, the technical details
This is where you bring all your “what-ifs” and “I don’t know how to do thats”.

My duck will be there and my wonderful web-guy/designer genius will be there for extra support.

And if there is anything that comes up that one of us isn’t able to answer, we have access to a whole cadre of biggified experts, so you will absolutely get answers on whatever it is.

Two hours on working through stucknesses that are related to the technical side of things or the fear of the technical side of things. And you’ll come out of it knowing what all your Next Steps are.

But I thought you said there were three parts!

There are. Kind of.

You can do the classes individually, or sign up for both together, which saves you money and also gets you an invitation to the mysterious Part Three.

Should you decide to sign up for both, you get invited to a follow-up class (Class #3), which happens two weeks later. That’s where you get to show up with every single question or worry or setback that came up for you during the two weeks you were working on it or thinking about it.

And Selma and I will help you with them.

Small print, sign-up details, etc.

Each class by itself is $99. Selma and I would love it if you’re able to do both, which you can do for $129 all told, and that also gets you an invite to class #3 — my treat!

Classes happen by phone — you’ll get a call-in number. But we won’t spend the whole time on the phone. You’ll also get a short chunk of time to yourself to work on an assignment.

Class 1 is Saturday December 20th
Class 2 is Sunday, December 21
Class 3 (if you’ve signed up for both 1 & 2) is Sunday, January 4th.

All classes take place from from 12:00 pm – 2:00pm PST.

If you’re not sure what time that is for you, ask the time converter nicely and he’ll tell you.

But yeah, that’s this weekend!!

Limited to ten people in each class. First come first served and all that.

Sign up happens right here:
If you’re reading this in a feed and can’t see the buttons, just click through because they’re definitely here!

[Ed. This course sold out in a day and a half. Thanks guys!]

And now for an apology and an unrelated gripe …

Apologies to everyone reading today who couldn’t care less about this.

I’m sorry. That’s no fun for you. Luckily, we’ll be back to working-on-your-stuff stuff tomorrow!

Yes, I said stuff stuff. Because I can.

But I mainly said it to get back at Lauren Collins for saying “de-stuffification” in the last New Yorker. Ahem. Lauren, we all know you’re a fine writer. You don’t need to steal my made-up words and then rejigger them for a restaurant review. Really!

Also, is de-stuffification supposed to be a removal of stuff or a removal of stuffiness? One hardly knows.


That’s it!

See you guys tomorrow with real, live Blogging Therapy …

The Fluent Self