It seemed like the kind of day for some permission slips.

Permission to not know. Or not know how.

Permission to not have to follow everything to the end, whatever that is. Walking out of the movie is okay. So is changing the project.

Permission to wish for aspects of someone else’s superpowers, knowing that this does not in any way diminish theirs.

Permission to flail around and make mistakes, like we do in Shiva Nata.

To try things. To be wrong and have that be okay.

Permission to forget.

Even if you’ve forgotten about something that’s really important to you.

And permission to then remember it again.

When you’re ready.

Permission to be in the stuck for a while.

To hit a wall. Maybe even lots of walls.

To find yourself in the land of plateau. To stop and start. To stop and not be ready to start.

To put off X [example: reading my book on procrastination!] for as long as you want, without thinking that this is a sign that you will never get around to it.

It isn’t. It’s your process.

Seriously. It’s called the dissolve-o-matic for a reason. Dissolving doesn’t happen through force.

Permission to let everyone else have their stuff.

To return everyone else’s projections, as Hiro says.

To remember that the rising tide lifts all boats — what is good for others is not bad for you.

To cry when you need to cry and laugh when you need to laugh.

To not have to justify yourself to anyone.

Permission to not be ready.

To not have answers.

To not have a five year plan.

To not know what your thing is. To not have a thing!

To hide. To scramble. To wonder. To not know what you want. To not apologize for wanting it when you do know.

To come to the shivanautical teacher training even if you have no idea what you’re doing, just because it’s tingly.

Permission to make your own permission slips.

And tape them to popsicle sticks and wave them around, if you feel like it.

Permission to know that permission does not come from me.

It is yours. Amnesty belongs to you — it is an inherent thing like sovereignty, not something that I have and hand out. It’s everywhere.

I am going to the Playground to mess around with glitter pipe cleaners (arts and crafts supplies are so much cooler now than when I was a kid!) and make some more permission slips.

Aside! Do you know Amy? Amy also makes wearable permission slips (I’m pretty sure this is one of the ideas that she came up while rallying it up at Rally!).

If you would like to invent things to go on permission slips and share them here, that would be lovely.

And an extra permission slips for our permission slips to not have to be interesting, original or whatever. They are reminders. They exist for us.

The Fluent Self