One of the things we do at Rally (Rally!) is this:

We dream up superpowers.

Nothing fancy. Just whatever pops into your head in a given moment.

Some are fun. Some are silly. Some are weighted, some have capes, some are bashful, some come with provisos and caveats, some live in snow globes, some are lighter than air.

I have been collecting some of these superpowers and found that they wanted to be proclaimed. In fact, they wanted to be together. Like a kind of poem.*

So here we are.

These are my superpowers.

I can see things growing, as they’re growing. I can see them.

And I see what is there. I see what is not there.

To see through fog. Like headlights.

To know what needs to be said and what does not need to be said.

The right words appear at the right time. To name things that need names.

I can remember why I love things even when I’m not doing them.

How to find the useful in every piece of hard.

Wherever I go there is a portable refueling station.

All doors open for me.

Colors become sharper. Boundaries become apparent.

My force field becomes stronger every day.

I have a precise compass. A precise, loving compass.

Sweetness surrounds me.

Important things about superpowers.

If someone’s superpower appeals to you, it’s okay to decide you want it too.

You can begin to let that superpower begin to sift into your force field.

You do not diminish someone else’s powers by bringing a superpower into your world. There is enough for everyone. And you’re not taking it from them.

Not only can you have a superpower that someone else has named, but you can also call on some of the superpowers of the Playground, and make them yours:

Creativity, inspiration, safety, play, power, freedom, comfort, sweetness, endless possibility.

And of the Rally: Trust, silliness, experimentation, sovereignty, autonomy, support, wonder, pie. Rally!**

And of this blog: Reassurance, permission, acceptance, the ability to make up fake bands on the spot, steadiness, home.

They are there for you when you need them.

Playing! And today’s comment zen blanket fort.

Invoking a superpower is like slipping a message to your unconscious.

All these different parts of you have to start figuring out what you know about this power, and how to apply it. Which is awesome.

Being willing to be surprised is useful. It’s a practice.

And even if you’re pretty sure that the power you wish for has nothing to do with you, it’s a worthwhile experiment to stop and feel what happens when you name it.

So I thought it would be fun if we could do some naming of powers we’d like to have in our individual force fields. Play with me? Yay. Thank you!

* We had an accidental poem once, plus moons, rain, protection and a mess of iguanas.

** The February Rally is just about full but there’s still some room in March. Take a look. Rally!

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