Protection in salve form

This protection spell is a repeat from a couple years ago, it had a different name,
it was called The Salve Of Striding Towards My Yes,
and it feels important, it feels important now,
I wish I had a better way to explain this feeling in my body which makes me so certain of this.

It feels vital and tingly,
imagine a dozen sparkling arrows all pointing towards
this spell-that-is-a-salve,
lighting up the night sky.

Yes, this spell comes in salve form,
an invisible salve distributed here by way of [magic].

As always, if a salve is not the right form for you, let it take a new form. You could take this as tea, a cocktail, in a bath, as reiki, sprinkled on pasta, whatever works for you. Not only is there enough for everyone, there are also enough ways to receive it.

Protection in salve form

This salve arrives just in time to counter the usual
new year’s bullshit proliferating across our social media timelines,
you know how it goes, everyone talking about resolutions,
it’s supposed to be inspirational but it never is,
it just feels like finger-wagging,
the “experts” spouting statistics, warning us about just how many people
“fail” to fulfill their resolutions,
and telling you what they think you need to do to
avoid being one of those people,
which is a nonsense approach to life.


The superpower of being with what is.

You of a year from now is an different person than you of right now,
it would be completely absurd and unfair to hold that new person
— that amazing person you haven’t met yet
to promises made now, and even more so to blame them if they ended up
going a different path because their yes was a new yes.

We can’t know their yes yet.

We haven’t gotten there yet.

What do we know…

We can’t know what challenges and mysteries our future selves will be dealing with,
or what will fascinate and excite them, or what
new superpowers and skill-sets they might be working on.

We can only feel into
— if we get quiet and really listen,
a spark of a right-now yes.

What if we can be true to that,
what if we can let that be enough.

Intention without expectation

There is no greater gift to a Slightly Future Self than
lovingly releasing/absolving any “resolutions” that require that they
achieve certain things or be a certain way.

Otherwise we’re just setting ourselves up to feel guilty for
not following through on something
when that something may not even be relevant anymore to
our true yes of the future.

We can seed wishes, intentions, qualities,
we can set off in a direction that appeals,
we can take steps in support of goals that feel powerful,
but nothing is more important than making this clear to our future selves:
of course we support their missions and desires, whatever these might turn out to be.

We can welcome anticipation, invite sparks of
hopefulness and wild joy,
release expectations.


When we commit, lovingly and with warmth, to following the yes trails,
as they appear, to wherever they lead,
to trusting ourselves in a moment instead of forcing,
this subverts all the unsovereign guilt built into
this yearly cultural ritual,
and we are able to let our incoming-selves be free to
be who they are and to
want what they want,
in the way that they want it.

If you’re wondering how we do that, when the game is
so rigged, and external culture is so loud and so guilt-driven,
well, that’s why we have the salve.


When I rub this salve into my skin, I remember to turn inward instead of outward,
to hear my yes instead of expectations, cultural or otherwise.

This salve rearranges things at the cellular level,
it helps me to breathe more steadily.

It helps me trust that as long as I am true to my yes,
staying present with the moment,
making space for both my yeses and
my incoming self
to move and change as needed,
I am doing great.

This is a secret self-treasuring salve,
it is made of permission, power, self-knowledge, presence and
exquisite streaming colored lights.

A Soothing of Salves

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Invitation for this post!

You are welcome to share !!!! or anything sparked for you in this salve,
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glow love for Incoming You, whatever you like…

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Here’s how we meet each other here: with great kindness, appreciation and love.

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