It’s christmas, which can be hard for some.

For most, I suspect. Definitely for me.

Though even if today is a perfectly fine regular sort of day for you, or even an excellent day (and I wish that for you), it never hurts to have some extra superpowers.

So feel free to help yourself to as much as you need of any of the following…

Let’s see. How about some of these?

The superpowers of…

  • The power of I Don’t Have To Answer This Question.
  • The power of gracious deflection with a smile.
  • The power of calm, steady knowing that everything is okay.
  • The power of Whatever Works: permission to do that.
  • The power of I take care of myself first.
  • The power of I’m a grown-ass adult and it is okay for me to to step outside for a breath of fresh air.
  • The power of wearing my crown.
  • The power of remembering that I am the equal of everyone I encounter.
  • The power of finding clues everywhere.
  • The power of delighting in small things.
  • The power of all my other superpowers are extra charged up right now.
  • The power of sparkling lights.
  • The power of saying what I need and not afraid to advocate for myself.
  • The power of letting shit go.
  • The power of pausing to take eight breaths.
  • The power of seeing what is true.
  • The power of knowing that we — we here in this tiny sweet corner of the internet — have each other, and are glowing warmth for each other. Maybe you didn’t know this yet, but it’s true.

How does this work?

I’m not sure.

I know that whenever I’ve run an event, we always invoke all the superpowers we’d like to have, and somehow, this is the weird part, something about naming them brings them to life.

Something about knowing these exist as options makes them options.

They’re in the world now because they have been named. And there is more than enough for everyone. So take whichever ones you like, and fill up on them.

Breathe them in.

Would you like to play?

You are welcome to expand on any of these, or invent more superpowers.

To add them to the pot, so to speak.

The only thing we don’t do here is give each other advice. Other than that, there’s no right way to play. Each of us is just trying things.

May this day reveal sweetness for you. I hope the just-right superpowers come your way, and any iguanas who want to become unicorns get their wishes too.

The Fluent Self