Asking the name to reveal itself.

So I was talking to Hiro about my upcoming program-without-a-name that I’m so looking forward to teaching.

And learned all sorts of interesting things.

Hiro said it needed a name.

But then it wouldn’t tell us what it was. It was hiding.

I do that sometimes too.

We let it hide.

Finding the image.

I was describing some of what we’re doing at the event and some of the themes we’ll be dealing with. And she was seeing it.

I talked about the pull between wanting to be seen and not wanting to be seen. About stepping out of those old patterns and watching them turn into something new.

About accessing the kind of visibility and protection magic that lets you be found only by those who are right for you.

About dissolving fear of biggification to the point that there isn’t anything to get in the way of doing what needs to be done.

It was a pumpkin, as it turned out.

She looked at the event and saw a giant jack-o-lantern.

But not a scary one. Kind of sweet.

Demure looking with lowered eyes and a Mona Lisa smile.

Pretty carved patterns, like tattoos. The light radiating out from inside of it, but also contained and held in the sturdy home of the pumpkin.

Sitting on a porch. Radiating light out in these beautiful, cryptic patterns. Invisibly visible.

A conversation with the thing that has no name.

Hiro talked to the event in soothing tones, saying wise Hiro-things.

She was very sensible:

“You know, you can land without having a name. The name will come when it comes.”

And I agreed.

The event without a name did not agree. It had issues.

The event without a name: “I’m not ready! I don’t want to be the first kid on the playground!”
Me: “You’re not, sweetie. I’m holding a private weekend there for some clients. And then the Shivanautical teacher training is the first open-to-my-people thing.”
The event without a name: “But I don’t want it to be like this! I want it to be like Where’s Waldo! It should be like Where’s Waldo!
Me: What are you talking about?
The event without a name: Where’s Waldo!!!!!

Hiro giggled sweetly.


Yes, my event about invisibility wanted to be invisible.

No wonder it wouldn’t give me a name.

It wanted me to come find it.

The finding of Waldo is about mystery, camouflage and play. About hide and go seek. About inviting your people to look for you so that you can play together.

All of which is kind of hiding at the core of what I’ll be teaching there.

Safety. Play. Biggifying your thing through actively being quiet and awesome, not by having to learn to how to get louder.

Instead we’ll be learning about (and experiencing) smart hiding, sexy hiding and the art of hard-to-get marketing. How to do it. And how to destuckify along the way.

Playing with secret veils, magic cloaks, pirate tricks.

Transforming the fear of being seen (and the fear of not being seen) into the ability to shine a strategic light from a place of complete safety.

How to be visible and invisible at the same time. Like the jack-o-lantern.

But still no name.

I knew even more now about the personality of the event-without-a-name.

And about the essence.

Ninja Invisibility Training. Combined with shining your light in a non-cheesy way. Combined with serious safety and protection.

But still no name.

Hiro and I went on one of our adventures and wandered into one of my internal patterns of creating.

And met the dragon who dreams of leaving his horrible cubicle job.

A cave in a cliff on a hillside. Blistering sun outside. Inhospitable.

At the mouth of the cave stands a tired, worn-out dragon. Except it’s not really a dragon. It’s a something. Wearing a ferocious costume.

Now and then it has to puff itself up and breathe fire. It finds the whole thing extremely tiresome. Its heart isn’t in the scaring.

Like one of my monsters, except that it’s in on the performance. A dragon in drag.

What is the purpose of the dragon?

I didn’t get it so I asked Hiro.

She said:

“The dragon is all the drama around creating things that has happened in your life. All the heroic tales you’ve lived through … of overcoming impossible odds and slaying dragons.

It’s been powerful and big. And none of that is real for you anymore.

This whole world of the “hero’s journey” and “overcoming obstacles” is something you’re done with. That’s not how you’re creating now.”

What is the new way?

Hiro says the new way is about wholeness.

It’s about a new kind of power that is gentle and sovereign. It happens without drama and without having to go on big journeys and missions.

I can live with that.

Meanwhile, the poor little dragon clown just wanted to give notice. Permission to leave granted!

Hiro said:

“The truth your dragon knows in his heart is that creation is not a personal act.

It’s just something that’s happening. All the time. And you are a part of it. You participate in it but it isn’t about you having to make stuff happen. So there’s no hero. No drama. No journey.

And he has been playing out his role until you learned that. Which you have.”

So the dragon impersonator really liked this. A lot.

He ripped off his costume and went tearing down the hill butt naked (according to Hiro — I didn’t see any dragon butt) to go play in the water with his friends.

Play! Play! Play!

And then there was a giant earthquake and then some extremely trippy stuff started happening that doesn’t really have to do with the thing I wanted to talk about today so I’ll skip that part.

So back to the event-without-a-name that wants to play Where’s Waldo with me.

The event that I don’t have to create because it already is.


Me: What’s your name, sweetpea?
The event without a name: It doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to play with you.
Me: I LOVE playing with you. That’s why I just gave birth to a Playground. To play with you!
The event without a name: Oh. I didn’t know that.
Me: Mmmhhmmm. That’s right.
The event without a name: You could call me Visibility and Protection Magic School! Or what about Enter The Dragon! Or Camp Biggification!
Me: I could call you Waldo Schmaldo Muffin Head!
The event without a name (giggles): Nooooooo. That’s stoopid.
Me: Can it be like the scouts where people earn their invisibility cloaks?
The event without a name: Awesome.

And then it scampered off and hid in the Angel Refueling Station and I pretended I couldn’t see it, even though its foot was totally sticking out from under a cushion.

Until its laughter was so gleeful and so completely charming and irresistible that I had to run after it again so we could play.

Camp Biggification: Earn Your Invisibility Cloak!

Yes, you get your own invisibility cloak. Though keep in mind that it’s … invisible.

And magical, which is even better. It’s reversible and multi-layered so it can help you be both more findable by your people and more protected from anyone who doesn’t need to see you.

It’s a filter. It’s a concept. It’s a charm. And something you’re going to internalize in a deep, meaningful way so you can feel truly safe doing your thing.

It’s also dry-clean only, so try not to get pie crumbs and hot buttered epiphanies on it. Kidding. It’s self-cleaning. Have some pie!

And it’s already half full. Not the cloak. Camp Biggification. You can apply right here if you want to come play.

And comment zen for today …

Dragons! Cloaks! Invisibility!

You’re allowed to want to hide. And you’re allowed to want to be seen. Both of those are fine by me. Always.

The Fluent Self