Whoah, it’s here

So two years after I read Andy Wibbel’s book Blogwild and was convinced that I wanted to start blogging right this second, I’m launching a blog. Hi, this is my blog.

It’s taken me a seriously long time to implement the Andy-ignited *spark*. It’s been oh, let’s see, a year and eight months since I got my wordpress API KEY thingey.

And about nine months since that one time I talked my designer, a colleague and several client into blogging (which they took to like the proverbial duck to water, if Selma will excuse the duck reference). Now even their clients blog.

And it’s been at least six months since I realized the following three things:

  1. If you have a business and you’re not hanging out in (and actively participating in) the land of blog, you’re doin’ it wrong.
  2. Someone who is incapable of not writing and actually misses writing when not cranking out noozletters and ebooks really needs a platform to dump out all the wordishness happening in her head. That someone is me.
  3. Remember when Kelly Parkinson from Copylicious wrote me that email and said all those things*? She was totally right and actually she’s always right and anyone who doesn’t listen to every word she says is a moron, including and maybe even especially me.

*Here’s what Kelly said:

You need to be blogging. This stuff you write about is solid gold. There is no reason you shouldn’t be out there doing teleconferences with the Seth Godins of the world. Take this as your kick in the pants message: Get a blog!!! It is just wrong that you’re not allowing the random people who need this stuff to find it. Please! I beg you! Blog!

But getting back to Andy.

Andy Wibbels was my very first internet-crush. Not in a “If only you liked girls” way, but more in a “Whoah, you are so not a phony and yet you’re totally successful at this stuff” way.

It was such a relief to encounter someone who was so obviously not sleazy and just being all this-is-my-authentic-self, but not in a calculated “strategic” (gross) way. Total happy exhale moment. I felt tremendously reassured to know that someone was modeling something sorta like what I wanted to do (help people, but in a way that it’s accessible and that the right people can find you).

Plus he could teach me useful stuff about this whole running-your-home-business-on-the-internets thing. But the most important thing I’ve learned from Andy is one of those yoga-style lessons of life: “Show up completely, wackiness and all.” That means weaknesses, warts, quirkinesses, the toy duck that you talk to and everything that makes you a real, live human being with stuff.

Hmmph. Stupid transparency.

You might be noticing that there aren’t a lot of comments here aren’t any comments here. Yes, I live a yogacentric lifestyle and one of the principles of yoga that I’m so serious about is that of speaking truth, which is way, way harder than it sounds and which will trip you the hell up if you don’t watch what you say, which of course is the point. But enough about bringing conscious awareness to every living moment and more about the comment situation.

There aren’t any. Yet. And that’s because this blog launched yesterday.

Which, as I was explaining above is because I have been working on my “stuff”. Yeah, the hardest part of being a habits expert is modeling the whole being-gentle-with-yourself thing. It means that I work really hard to get better at giving myself permission to take my sweet time to work through my own stuck bits and do things in my own quirky (quirkified?) way. And boy did I have a bunch of resistance to work through around this blogging thing.

But the point is: I’m here now. I’m ready now.

And I madly adore you for being part of it. (Or at least I think I do)

My super-brief Oscar acceptance speech: thanks and crazy gratitude to everyone who kept nudging me forward with this (especially Copylicious Kelly Parkinson, Pam Slim, Nathan Bowers). And Andy, of course. Oh, and Naomi Dunford from Itty Biz.

Naomi is my current internet-crush. Not in a “If only you liked girls” way, but in a “you are the person I’d probably be if I hadn’t lived abroad for eleven years and become a yogi, please let’s be kindred spirits forever” kind of way. She has given me so much inspiration juice.

And thanks/hello to all the great people I haven’t met yet.

If you’re not someone who has been part of my foray my emigration process as I move out of whatever you’d call where I am right now and into the land of blog — actually if you’re someone other than my one subscriber (hi) –, I would love it if you would read some of my old noozletter bits o’ self-work wisdom that are hanging out here while I get into my blogging Schwung.

And if you feel so inclined, leave a comment or two on your favorites to remind me that I’m not just winking in the dark. Would be awesome. Or if you want to celebrate with me. Or if you have suggestions of the “learn from my horrible mistakes” variety or just want to be all encouraging and stuff. Whee, encouragement! Thanks.

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