Life before blog

There’s this funny thing that’s actually not funny at all that happens when you write a blog. You start writing posts in your head.

All the time.

It’s not you. No, no. Not you. It’s just that all sorts of semi-random concepts, incidents and overheard sentences start winking at you lasciviously with knowing come-hither smiles.

Or worse, they pout that if you don’t write a post about them, oh, they will be so sad.

Before you know it, you’re digging around in your bag for the cellphone you never use so you can Jott yourself six post ideas before they disappear into the ether..

Truth be told, I was blogging in my head for at least a year and a half before I launched this baby. Not exaggerating, unfortunately — I’ve got an illegibly scribbled mountain of forgotten genius to prove it.

Of course I wanted to be doing it not in my head. To put this stuff out there in real pixels. Here. With you. Like this*.

*Ohmygod, I’m doing it right now.

It’s just that I wasn’t entirely sure about a bunch of things … and it seemed like I ought to maybe wait until I was at least a tiny bit more sure about some of them. And so it kept getting pushed down to the bottom of the list.

But now …

Yeah, so now that I worked through some of my issues and am actually blogging it up in real life, it’s way more fun than I’d imagined.

But that’s not the point. The point is that now a bunch (does four count as a bunch?) of people have asked to hear my “Here’s how I got over the issues that were keeping me from blogging it up” story.

You know, in the hopes that it will inspire them to get their collective behinds in gear and all that. I’m actually not going to post about that right now. I will at some point, though. Try and stop me.

Right now what I’m hoping for is some assistance from you. If that’s cool.

It’s not that I don’t want to share my story, because it is fairly interesting and probably even useful. It’s more that a. it’s complicated, and b. the people who want to learn from my amusing tales of woe seem to have, for the most part, a very different list of what-ifs than what I was dealing with.

So let’s look at that list, shall we?

I’ve been collecting the big (and small) WHAT-IFs that keep people — some of whom are people who know that blogging was practically invented especially for them — from actually doing it. And what I want to do is address a few of these what-ifs in a series of posts.

So help me out, guys.

Here’s what I’ve got so far, off the top of my head. Well, and off the top of my inbox.

  • “What if I get laughed off the internet? No one’s going to take me seriously.”
  • “What if the technology makes me feel stupid? I might not be able to handle the learning curve.”

  • “What about the freaking time-time-time commitment? I just won’t have the time.”
  • “What if I get trolled or harrassed by jerks? Or sued? Because that’s really what I need right now, anonymous heckling from the ether.”

  • “What if it’s just winking in the dark and the other gazillion bloggers are already doing it better? There’s too much competition from ‘real bloggers’ and people who know what they’re doing.”
  • “What if I don’t have anything original to say? There’s probably nothing new that I can add, anyway. ”

  • “What if I start and stop and feel like a failure? It’s pointless to start something I can’t finish.”
  • “What if my angle changes? My business is too flexible to define it with a blog.”

And there’s more where that came from.

But what I’d like to know is: what’s running through your head? Is it stuff like this? Other stuff? Is there stuff I haven’t even thought to start worrying about yet?

Where I’m going with this.

Here’s what I’m not going to do: Lecture you, tell you why you’re wrong and how your fears are irrelevant, and then say something like “Get moving!”

Because, as you may have noticed, this is not a tough love blog. It’s not about facing your fears or getting yanked out of your comfort zone or other annoyingly in-yer-face life-coach-ey things.

It’s about consciously paying attention to your “stuff”. So that you can figure out what your patterns are telling you. So that you can rewrite those patterns and do things differently. With patience, smart techniques and as much (but no more) kindness as you can stand to receive in any given moment.

So my plan is to take a measured, non-preachy look at why these anxieties/issues and other scary bits show up, why they’re so depressing (because they are), and then talk about some of the stuff we might want to try.

You know, a few handy techniques to help diffuse the scary and work around it. Or at the very least feel okay with it.

So … whaddya got? If you are thinking about maybe eventually getting around to considering blogging it up, what kinds of things are getting in the way? And if you have a blog, but had to work through a bunch of what-ifs to get there, share away as well.

Or if you don’t have any issues because you blog like a sailor (not sure what that means but it sounds good) but just have some helpful hints, that’s cool too.

May throw in a case study or too for the fun of it. We shall see.

The Fluent Self