So I know I left us all hanging on Monday with a cliffhanger … and that a bunch of you at least six of you can’t wait to find out what happens next with the bizarre and awkward conversation between my fear, my stuck and myself.

And yet I must dangle that mildly tantalizing promise of continuation and closure in front of you for a tiny bit longer, because a weird and funny thing happened to me this weekend and I feel compelled to tell you about it.

Sunday night. 7:00 p.m.

You don’t really need any background for this story, other than the fact that I was on retreat for four days doing various yoga-related things in Austin.

It was Sunday night. I’d just come out of a six hour class. Four hours of lecture, two hours of yoga practice.

I was tired and achy. And woozy from a combination of serious information overload, meditative bliss, and not having eaten since an early breakfast.

The cab company had told me to expect about a thirty minute wait, so I took care of the food thing and the calling my gentleman friend thing … still no cab.

After forty-five minutes I called the company back. What follows is our conversation, which — while brief — is at least as fascinating as the one I had talking to a wall last week.

Listen to this.

Oh, also listen to it with the fabulous Texas drawl because it’s even better that way. On his end, not mine. Since I can’t do it.

Me: Hi! I called forty five minutes ago? I’m at _______ and ________. Still waiting on that so I thought I’d check.

The guy: Ma’am? It’s the Superbowl, ma’am. We don’t have any cabs, ma’am.

Me (in my head): ?!

The guy: Ma’am?

Me: (out loud): So … no one’s coming?

The guy: Well … it’s the Superbowl, ma’am.

Me: So … I should do something else instead of waiting here?

The guy: Yes, ma’am. That’s what I’d suggest.

That was it.

Well, then there was some hysterical laughter on my end. And then I called Pace and Kyeli and they picked me up, which was lovely of them.

I don’t really even need to pull out a lesson from this. You can pretty much choose your own.

But I will say that (as a general rule) I love interacting with entrepreneurs because you know, I am one.

I tend to identify with them way more than I should. And I’m considerably more forgiving of screw-ups. Since, you know, they happen.

This particular interaction, though … I’m still not even sure what to take from this. I mean … there’s so much in here.


  • Obviously one should never go to Texas during football season. Clearly that was a horrible mistake.
  • The good old “if you’ve promised something you can’t deliver, notify the person the second you realize it’s not going to happen” lesson. Which I’ve already learned. The annoying hard way. By making that mistake and regretting it.
  • Apologizing sincerely and sometimes profusely will always get you somewhere. Sigh. I know that one far too well too.
  • And of course, never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

Knowing what your options are and not liking them is still better than not knowing.

That and not underestimating the power of a teeny tiny little admission of suckiness … always a good thing.

The littlest “Wow, our mistake really messed things up for you … that’s got to be frustrating.”

It definitely would have made my experience slightly less surreal.

That is all.

See you guys tomorrow.

The Fluent Self