I have a bunch of points to make.

They need numbers.

But they’re really only in the order I dictate them to Stu (short for “work, you stupid piece of crap!” which is what you say a lot when you use voice-to-text software to save your arms) because I can’t be bothered to move them.

Okay. Ready.

  1. If you’re making it hard for me and my duck to tell the smart, interesting people we know about the cool thing you do, everyone loses.
  2. It’s not good for you because we don’t find out about your cool thing.
  3. It’s not good for your potential Right People who need your cool thing.
  4. It’s not good for me because I don’t get to be a connector mouse. And being a connector mouse makes me happy.
  5. When I say “tell the smart, interesting people I know about your stuff”, I mean the ones who read my blog (hi!), follow me on Twitter, or hang out with me “in real life”.
  6. Maybe these people are in the general Fluent Self orbit and maybe they’re not. But they tend to be good people and I like them.
  7. There are a lot of them.
  8. And when I talk about telling people “about the cool thing you do”, I mean whatever it is you talk about. Or write about. Or think about. Or are occasionally inspired to paint about. It doesn’t matter. There is you-ness involved.
  9. And I really, really like sharing good stuff I find with my people.
  10. Like the amazing homemade good-for-you face cream I got from Lauren at DressGreen. Or words of wisdom from Black Hockey Jesus. Or Leah’s painting.
  11. There are two ways you can make it hard for me to tell people about you.
  12. You can hide. Or you can do something that makes me not want to tell people about you.
  13. Hiding means that I don’t have anywhere to send people so they can find out more about the cool thing you do.
  14. Some ways of hiding are more obvious than others. Like, if you don’t have a website, you’re kind of hiding (I know, sweetie. You’re working on it. No worries). Or you’re not on Twitter yet. Or you’re there, but you aren’t talking to anyone.
  15. But there are other ways to hide. Maybe you have a site but there’s no way to subscribe to a noozletter or an RSS feed or something so that I can remember to go back there.
  16. Someone who used to hide that now — gott sei dank — I can tell you about: the wonderful Janet Bailey who writes about mindful time management, among other things. Brilliant. Useful. Tremendously reassuring.
  17. Of course I don’t worry about the hiding too much because hiding is natural and normal. Just like avoidance. You’ll come out and play when you’re ready.
  18. What I worry about a bit more is the people I want to tell you about but don’t.
  19. Like this guy who does Celtic chanting stuff. I freaking love it. But he’s overtly — and even weirdly — self-promotional on Twitter. Even relative to the sleaze-non-sleaze kosher marketing continuum. Not because he’s sleazy. He’s totally not. He’s just doing it in the wrongest way, so I can’t tell anyone to follow him.
  20. Or like this potter from Michigan who makes the most stunningly gorgeous ceramic pieces. I have two pitchers and a vase of his. And am lusting after some bowls. Will probably order this week.
  21. Normally I’d send everyone I know to him because his stuff is amazing and I love to support small, local do-it-yourself-ers and craft-ey people and Etsy people.
  22. But if I send people to follow him on Twitter, they won’t. Because he is always promoting his stuff and not hanging out.
  23. I know, I could just send you to his Etsy page, but if you’re not in the mood to buy something right this second, it’s a lot easier to hook you up with someone’s Twitter feed and then you can get to know him over time.
  24. My goal in all of this is to try to get people to be less strategic, not more strategic. Beyond knowing the basics.
  25. I should also add that if you’re thinking about taking my course with Pistachio on the strategy of not being strategic (aka how to use Twitter magic to get people to care about your cool thing without being manipulative, weird or not seeing results), well, now is a good time to sign up.
  26. Also, we moved the “last chance for the early bird price” all the way to this Saturday to give you an extra couple of days.
  27. Because I was in Lake Tahoe for four days this week and forgot to be here and tell you about it.
  28. Not because I was hiding. Though sometimes hiding is fun. More because I like you.
  29. Who this class is for: Oh, people who enjoy Twitter but aren’t making money there (and aren’t willing to start being an asshat in order to do so — good for them!).
  30. It’s also for people who don’t yet have a Thing-to-promote-in-a-non-icky way, but will eventually.
  31. Also people who want to grow their cool thing organically but not have to talk about it very much. People whose natural inclination is hiding. People who feel uncomfortable about promoting anything.
  32. We won’t try to make you change who you are. We’ll just help you feel more comfortable being who you are so that you can get the results without the horrible side-effects of having to hate yourself.
  33. Who this class is NOT for: People who think Twitter is a huge waste of time. We have enormously useful information to give out. We’re not going to convince people that yeah, it’s important.
  34. If you need convincing that Twitter is potentially useful after I told you how I make over a third of my income on Twitter without following a bunch of strategies or promoting anything out loud, probably not a good fit.
  35. I am an introvert.
  36. I have no interest in teaching you (or anyone) how to sell. I’m interested in teaching you what to do so that you’ll never have to.
  37. And talking about what you need to do so that you won’t need to hide but you’ll still feel safe.
  38. And what to do so that I will be inclined to send a chunk of Right People your way and feel good about it.
  39. Deadline for the Early Bird price is in a couple days. Saturday.
  40. No, I won’t be manually putting the price back up to what it should be. It happens automatically because technology is awesome I have mad geniuses on my Pirate Crew.
  41. Oh, right. I should give you a link for the Strategy of Not Being Strategic course.
  42. Will see you here tomorrow, either way. Am planning on writing about what to do when external criticism triggers internal criticism. But we’ll see. Am willing to be surprised.
  43. I probably made some mistakes with the numbering because I pretty much can’t count and Stu really can’t count.
  44. I was going to end with 42 because it’s the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything but that totally didn’t work because I can’t stop talking.
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