Barrington’s Discretionary

Attenzione! Fellow Secret Agents!

I am on a deep undercover mission to get better at Gracefully Accepting Appreciation.

And I’m inviting you to support the work and share appreciation in any form, it all helps: share any post or leave comments, or add something to Barrington’s Discretionary fund.

And if the way you’re currently glowing appreciation is quietly in your heart, I like that too. It all counts.

» Barrington is my (imaginary) traveling companion who helps me when I get lost in special-brain stuff, and the discretionary fund was her idea!

Button is here!

This labyrinthine button of yes takes you to paypal to select any amount to give to Barrington’s Discretionary!

(FLASH FLOOD SALE BONUS! Any gift to the Discretionary gets a thank you gift of a gorgeous mini ebook of some of my favorite words, arranged alphabetically and with love!)


So much love from me!


The Fluent Self