Life, the universe and EVERYTHING though…

I’ve never done this before in thirteen years of this business and it is happening now!

Here’s how a Birthday Sail works!

The magical celebration number is 42, which, if you care about the math, is forty one years of being a Havi, plus ONE FOR GOOD LUCK though really for life, the universe and everything, because we are almost at the best number.

The sail/sale is taking the shape of a special fluent-self offering for Forty Two Celebratory Dollars (USD) and here is what you get, in addition to the heart-glow of supporting this space for me to write, and the companionship of the warm, loving, thoughtful community that gathers here…

An ebook collection of {magic in the form of words}.

Featuring ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE SALVES designed to make you feel at least 94% better about everything in your life, bring in ease and perspective, and fall slightly more in love with yourself.

Let these salves thrill and heal and work their magic, so we can all get better at giving ourselves what we need in the moment we need it, this is so foundational when it comes to taking exquisite care of ourselves aka the practice of wild self-treasuring.

This sweet, transformative magical book of wonder and sparks will uplift you, changing both your mood and how you approach every part of your life. Can’t wait to see what comes from this!

NOTE! If you pre-ordered and got advance-access to A Solution Of Salves, and would like these bonuses now, let us know! We will totally sneak you in!

EVEN BETTER, if you already own A Solution Of Salves and STILL WANT TO SUPPORT THIS BIRTHDAY SAIL MISSION, please join in and we will be delighted to make it a gift copy for a friend or a yoga studio, just tell us where to direct it and we will make sure the Solution of Salves arrives to do its magic!

Click the Cake! Sails have been extended to MARCH 23, 2018

BONUS the first

We are collecting all the capers (self-fluency techniques) from recent online courses, and will send you a pretty pdf with all of them!

BONUS the second

Choose any of our coloring books! The Coloring Book of Salves is normally $32, while both the Talking to Monsters and Buttmonsters coloring books are amazing and have been out of the shop for a while! Print out as many copies as you like, or send the PDF to a friend!


Get your Birthday Sail Order in by March 18th, and we’ll send you ALL THREE PDF COLORING BOOKS, because that’s how celebratory we’re feeling.

Finally: an additional bonus which is both slightly imaginary as well as very real and special

I will take a meditation period to imagine-and-feel that I am sharing cake, like, truly magnificent cake, with everyone who joins me in this beautiful celebratory sale-sail time.

And, because love is transcendent (and I am the witchiest witch), we will all feel a glow of warmth and sweetness in the atmosphere, and collectively feel better about life.

I tragically can’t have actual cake, but luckily a vital part of the sensory meditation includes each of us getting the exact cake or [Symbolic Deliciousness in the just-right form] of our heart-desire! I will think lovingly of you and blow out the candles on our glorious cake of Lusciousness and Delight In All Things Good, and it will be magical and sweet (haha, cake pun!).

Click the Cake! Sails go down on March 23, 2018



My thoughts re online sales: we can get sucked into the broader-culture that wants us to feel frantic and pressured when we receive decisions. That is not joyful, let’s not do that, let’s do the opposite, pause and breathe, change the experience, remember what’s actually meaningful for us. What if we breathe our way to a quiet warm yes that is grounded in love for ourselves and our incoming selves. This feels more harmonious to me, and I hope less stressful.

We don’t offer refunds or returns, there’s a heart-based process behind that if that interests you.

Everything we offer is brought into the world with so much love, from my process and writing to the editing and compiling, and Richard’s gorgeous design work. I love that you want to be a part of this too, and am filled with appreciation because these sales allow me to keep writing and sharing. Thank you <3