Welcome to the new gallery of self fluency

The place where we pause and breathe…

Pause here and imagine a large and very beautiful rock, possibly a cornerstone. It is the color of the endless Idaho sky at midnight, flecked with sparks and stars, it glows from within.

So do you when you touch it with your fingertips. Probably we have always glowed and forgotten. A breath for this.

The stone tells of a building that was, and celebrates the new [structure] that is, in the moment of its becoming.

Signs and waves

I cannot tell you the exact words inscribed, because they are signs, a new-to-me language that I only know by feel, all moonstone and waves, but I can share fragments as they arrive through translation and trust.

Symbolic translations because I suspect the stone says different things to each of us but the point of the stone stands. Point pun!

Through translation and trust

The stone says (let us breathe eight breaths)
The stone says (presence) (grace) (thank you)
The stone says (what if you write a word on your face with your fingertip)
The stone says (feel the moment after the moment of this)

What is the moment after *that* like? For me it is like a humming in my heart…

I write with my fingertip

I write with my fingertip /
I write intention and love /
I write with intention and with love

The (pointy!) point of the stone, as I understand it

Breath and awe, curiosity and play, these are kind of a big deal, transforming the most stuck/boring/lost/hard moments into something different: a remembering, a peacefulness or even oh wow holy holiness.

These moments become doors to access our capacity to channel trust-love, which in turn makes it easier to navigate the hard stuff of life and all the bullshit of the rigged game.

The stone is the reminder to pause and breathe so this moment can be a door.

This is where we meet the gallery that was once a museum…

It used to be that this — right here, touching the stone — was the location of an extraordinary museum, which housed the collected works of the practice of Self Fluency.

A vast and impressive collection, spread out in vaults and libraries, tunnels and catacombs, containing nearly seventeen hundred unique pieces of art — if we translate art to mean “blog posts”.

Some day here in the new gallery where the museum once stood, we will devote a special exhibit to the museum that was, its history and historiography, the why-and-how of its Mysterious Disappearance, which like so many mysteries, turns out to be not actually mysterious at all.

For now, we celebrate the museum and each person who contributed to its magic through visiting it. We celebrate with a parade of one hundred dancing mice, and we welcome you with great love to The New Gallery.

Would you like a map to the new space and how it works?

The stone and dancing mice wish to give you something.

It is a map but you can receive it as a room of requirement; holding a possible next step, a clue, whatever you need now.

Right now I see a book, indigo with symbols, but I can feel how it is also a labyrinth, a compass, a constellation, a kaleidoscope, a prism. I know that it reflects my light and however I use it is just right.

How could it be otherwise?

The Gallery of Self-Fluency and Very Interior Design

The new gallery showcases three rotating exhibits:

  1. In the Wing of Doors a temporary exhibit of my latest internal explorations, secret ops, very interior design projects. Current theme: Delicious Space.
  2. The Wing of Stars features some of the most beloved works I’ve channeled in my eleven years as curator.
  3. The Library in the rotunda houses a small, highly curated, semi-permanent collection of useful self-fluency concepts. Come curl up in an armchair!

We also have a delicious (and slightly magical) gift shop where you can acquire or reserve copies of these collected works before they disappear, as well as other lovely pieces that are not in the gallery.


I am full of joy that you are here and so excited to spark sparks together.

Doors to the gallery exhibits are coming very soon – for now, come read the latest blog post.

Glowing love for you from my thank-you heart,