Here we are. The stowawayship application page.


I love that you want to do this, and that you’re taking steps to try and make it happen.


The majority of people who apply won’t get in, which is a hard and painful thing.

Not getting it doesn’t mean that I don’t like you or that your application wasn’t awesome enough. It just means that there were a lot of applications. Your inherent good-ness is still beautiful and your crown is still shiny.

If it doesn’t work out this time, I still love you.

And here it is. The application.

This is what I want.

A stone skipping!

It could be any of the stones on the Pickle Page. A conversation with your monsters or an aspect of you or a wall or the fox in your video game. Or something.

But a documentation of internal process.

You might, for example, submit a journaling on “what do I already know about this experience?”. Or a dialogue between you and the parts of you that think you shouldn’t get to apply for this.

Writing coherently isn’t nearly as important as what emerges. This is really and truly not a writing contest.

What happens next.

Send your (charmingly incoherent is okay) ramblings in an email to support AT fluentself DOT com with the subject heading “Stowawayship application-thing from __________”

In addition to the application itself, please let us know:

  1. which program you’re applying for.
  2. phone number where we can reach you just in case.

I’ll need time to meditate on these before my First Mate can let you know if we’re scheduling a phone interview. If I know any sooner, I promise to let you know.

If I have more questions, I’ll ask them and we’ll giggle hysterically when it gets awkward.

What happens after I apply?

Everyone who applies will hear something (the day after the cut-off date at the latest).

If you are chosen for the stowawayship:

  • You will get a note that says YAY from the First Mate, with a link to where you can make the first payment for your half of tuition.
  • First payment is due when you are offered the stowawayship. The doorway for the first payment is 24 hours — after that we’ll have to go ahead and offer the spot to the next person on the list.
  • There will be dancing and rejoicing and excitements. Possibly streamers. And we’ll send you the information you need so you can start preparing for the program.

That’s it. Selma and I will blow a kiss at you now and wish you good things.

Havi and Selma

Gratitude and appreciation for this new tradition go to Mariko Gordon of Daruma.

Mariko is one of my favorite people to discuss business culture with, and she lovingly donated the money for the first two scholarships.

Her generosity and sweetness gave me the idea for the Stowawayship and inspired the pirate crew to turn this into an official thing. Thank you, Mariko. {namaste}