Go Play!

“Going to Rally was like discovering the secret entrance behind Havi’s blog, and finding an amazing hidden cave of wonder!”

Jesse, who got 18,000 words written on her novel at Rally

{The Alphabet Carousel is FULL. We will let you know if there will be Rallies in 2015…}

What is Rally? (Rally!)

Rally (Rally!) is where you make insane progress on anything you want.*

In an extraordinary, massively supportive environment.

Blanket forts. Wonder and delight. Structure and flexibility. Pretzel sticks in wine glasses. Laughter, silliness, napping. Intense periods of being in the zone and surprising yourself.

Rally is where we transform whatever we want to work on into playful, creative adventures. Where we access amazing new skills and superpowers.

* People also make progress on things they didn’t even know they were working on.

Rally resolves challenges under the surface, launches new plans, uncovers dreams, makes progress on back-burner projects. It’s weird and wonderful that way.

Work, projects, wishes and dreams…
All more fun once you’ve Rallied.

You will leave Rally with a happier-healthier approach to how you work. How you everything.

And a new relationship with both time and space.

You’ll use and appreciate the things you practice and discover at Rally for the rest of your life. Everyone does.

Rally happens at the most magical and delightful place on earth.

The Playground. The physical incarnation of the Fluent Self blog.

An astoundingly safe shelter to mess around, play, process, destuckify, explore, untangle, unravel and rewrite anything in your life. Where that process can be loving, creative, light-hearted and playful.

Rally is exuberant and peaceful and weirdly holy, sometimes all at the same time. It goes deep. It changes things. It gives you a new force field. It reveals sweetness. It makes you glow.

Rally always works.

It’s incredible, and really hard to describe.

Post-Rally, you can turn annoying/stressful into curious/exploratory. You are not impressed by stuck. Unlikely creative solutions and hidden pockets of light-heartedness are suddenly everywhere.

“I got more done in the hour and a half between our morning practice and lunch on one Rally day than I have in the past four months put together. Ridiculous.”

– Tim O’Brien (Rally #10)

What happens at Rally? (Rally!)

Stuff gets done. Processed. Untangled. Figured out.

Understandings are revealed.

Pieces move, shift, fall into place.

Meanwhile you’re investigating, napping, eating pie. Rally is sneaky.

There’s designated time, and space for playing with projects. Specific things to try when it seems like nothing is working. Rally has secret doors into inspiration.

And ways to integrate all of this so you can take Rally home.

Also Rally has other things, like:

Snacks. Unconditional love. Epiphanies and realizations. Superpowers. Being in a transformative environment that is a catalyst for things happening in wonderful and unlikely ways.

And then recreating that environment inside of YOU.

A Carousel of Rallying!

The next set of Rallies.

As of this writing (October, 2013), I’ve rallied 28 Rallies, and they have changed EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE for the better, for me and for everyone I know who talks about Rally.

If you want even more information, the Rally FAQ is super helpful…

A few questions and answers.

What’s not changing about Rally

All the good stuff. The zoom. The flow. The magic of the playground. The hammock in the refueling station. Coloring with crayons. Trying on costumes. Running across the street to eat delicious pie. The happy hum of people working playing.

What’s different about these Rallies?

Same elements, looser form. It used to be: “We meet at exactly 9:30. I choose the stone skipping questions. Lunch is at noon-thirty. I ring the bell when it’s time for the Chicken.”

Now it’s more open. Everyone at Rally has access to the lockbox where the key is kept. Can’t sleep? Come in the middle of the night and Rally. Want to sleep in and come at noon? Perfect. Go for it.

We take turns doing things like reading the stone skipping cards. It’s more playful, more democratic and more true to the original vision and the spirit of play.

Having tested this with three Rallies, I can officially declare that yes, it MAKES RALLY BETTER. Also it’s it’s more congruent with the idea of Rallying. But mainly it makes everything better.

We also have more ways to play. We can hold Show & Tell, sing sea shanties, do Stars On The Ceiling every night if we want. Or a real life all night sleepover at the Playground! Or whatever we want. Options.

And: You don’t get to attribute your amazing breakthroughs and epiphanies to me, you know that the magic is in you and in the form (which lives in you and can be recreated when you need it). This is important!

Havi, are you going to do this again?

No idea. This is an experiment. The Carousel Alphabet rallies might be the last of the Rallies. Or maybe it’s such a joyful experiment that we do it again.

The shape of Rally…

In the tradition of Christmas Eve or Erev Shabbat, Rallies begin in the evening. Erev Rally is Toozday evening, from 15:30 – 17:30.

This is when we take time to embark, enter and orient ourselves.* To get used to the fact that HOLY SHIT WE ARE HERE AND ABOUT TO START RALLYING!

On the following Rally days (Wed – Fri) we usually play from 9:30 to 17:00, but you have access to the Playground for the entire duration of Rally to use as you like, any time of day or night.

Rally ends Friday night after the closing Chicken, when we hum our way out.

* You will receive your own copy of the BORK (Book of Rally Keys) that shows you how to do this, and has marvelous capers and entry rituals to play with or use as a jumping-off point.

The Alphabet Carousel Rallies

The Alphabet Carousel Rallies – complete list

Rally A:  October 1–4, 2013 Rally J:  February 18–21 Rally S:  July 8–11
Rally B:  October 22–25 Rally K:  March 11–14 Rally T:  July 15–18
Rally C:  October 29– Nov 1 Rally L:  April 1–4 Rally U:  July 22–25
Rally D:  November 19–22 Rally M:  April 8–11 Rally V:  August 12–15
Rally E:  November 26–29 Rally N:  May 6–9 Rally W:  August 19–22
Rally F:  December 10–13 Rally O:  May 27–30 Rally X:  August 26–29
Rally G:  January 14–17, 2014 Rally P:  June 3–6 Rally Y:  September 9–12
Rally H:  January 21–24 Rally Q:  June 17–20 Rally Z:  September 16–19
Rally I:  February 11–14 Rally R:  June 24–27

All Aboard!

How signing up for Rally
(and the superpowers you’ll have forever) works:

You make an initial deposit of $555 for your Rally/Rallies, followed by five monthly playments.

Two Rallies are cheaper per/Rally than one. The All-You-Can-Rally option is no longer available.

Come to ONE RALLY!

Deposit $555, then five monthly playments of $318.

Or! Save more with a one-time playment — $1895.

Come to TWO Rallies! 64% savings

Deposit $555, then five monthly playments of $424.

Or! Save more with a one-time playment — $2424.

Come to THREE Rallies! 80% savings

Deposit $555, then five monthly playments of $472.

Or! Save more with a one-time playment — $2664.

Carousel Time!

This is where it happens.

Click the button for playments,
or HERE for all-at-once!

Click the button for playments,
or HERE for all-at-once!

Click the button for playments,
or HERE for all-at-once!

These buttons take you to your playment, and then to the Pickle page which has a love letter and some capers. And a pickle.

Fine printables!

1. Included: Passage, materials, snacks, huge realizations, hilarity, bubble-blowing, presents/presence.
2. Up to you: Travel, lodging, meals. Lots of great Air BnB options in the neighborhood. And also the amazing tiny house hotel! Or share a room/hostel with someone else.
3. Before signing up, check in with yourself, breathe, say a quiet loving yes.
4. Please email us with the Rallies you plan to attend by the end of October. And if you’d like to come to October or November, please let us know as soon as possible!
5. Up to 30 days prior to your Rally a change in dates can be requested. After that each rescheduling is $85 (but if you signed up for the whole Carousel it’s just $6!).
6. That said, if you want to come to a Rally at the last minute and there’s still space, sure! :)
7. Passage for Carousel Rallies is non-refundable, as per the usual Incredibly Boring Policies.
8. If you’re already signed up for a 2014 Rally and want to upgrade to the full Carousel, we can do it. Tell the First Mate.

What happens now…

Sparkliness. Wonder. And we’ll be sending you information about what’s next.

With love and adoration,

Postscript. I have it on good authority that whatever happens, it will be okay. So I’m sharing that, in invisible salve form. If this is your bus, it will be the best bus ever. And if it’s not your bus, there will be a different bus that will be your bus. All is well.