You guys! Puppies!

Because you have just found yourself at an Enthusiastic. And there are almost always puppies when we hold an Enthusiastic. They’re the best for enthusing!

The Enthusiastic is why you have been invited to this semi-hidden place-of-convening that is also a door.

Some of the qualities of an Enthusiastic:

Permission. Play. Delight.
Safety. Shelter. Grace.
Sovereignty. Autonomy. Community.
Joyful Celebration. Welcoming. Belonging.
Support. Sustenance. Trust.
Grounding. Curiosity. Possibility. Fun.

And of course, Gleeful Enthusiasm!

This is where we will begin our Show & Tell! Yay!

I am going to tell you about something I am excited about. And I will pull things (sometimes puppies!) from my magical Mary Poppins bag, and we will ooh and aaah and play.

And this Enthusiastic is being convened here now so that I can tell you about the sparkly and secret-wonder-filled thing that is the Floating Playground.

WELCOME TO THE ENTHUSIASTIC. Are you ready? Let’s do this…..