Be a part of this.


This magical space of ours.

Each of us brings something.

The Fluent Self has been here since August 2005 which means
in internet years we are old as the hills
and, since the very beginning, this has been a
of thoughtful, creative, self-reflective, remarkably warm-hearted people
I’m in awe of the welcoming space we’ve made,
this sanctuary for curiosity and play

Given that most of the internet exists somewhere between
mild headache and toxic cesspool, what we’ve built here together
is pretty incredible — a glowingly safe place to just be.

And maybe the only place online where it’s safe to read the comments!
A breath of appreciation for everyone who comes here and everyone who reads

The practice of Expressing Appreciation.

This remarkable online space is powered by APPRECIATION, an unconventional and beautifully subversive currency which can take many forms.

How does this work?

There is so much good stuff here: the powerful work of self-fluency, the writing, the magic, the incredible community that gathers here, all the ways we explore and play (individually and together), everything we do to join the quiet revolution and illuminate the rigging of the rigged game, it’s kind of amazing. And there are lots of ways to express appreciation for all of this. Here are the ones that support me the most in my mission…

(1) Spread the word — share posts that resonate

(2) Join in!

Leave !!!! or <3 in the comments, share something that sparked for you, pseudonyms always welcome

(3) Invest in further learning

I’ve retired most of the products that used to live in the shop but you can still get the excellent very useful Monster Manual

(4) Invest in this space with joyful appreciation monies

Glow a thank you in any sum you like to Barrington’s Discretionary Fund! * explanation about how the fund came to be!

Barringtion's Discretionary glow

And of course, get on the list of announcings

This is where I (very occasionally) announce new stuff before it’s on the blog: