laura fitton "pistachio"havi brooks and selma the duckOh, the ridiculous number of (mostly annoying) classes on using social-media-ey things to promote the cool stuff you do.

They usually have names like “How to get 10 million followers and become a kajillionaire on Twitter by following our super secret strategy”.

And they make you want to throw up.

This is the antidote to all of those.

Here’s the thing.

Being yourself does get results.

Having integrity — not as a “strategy” but because not being an asshat is actually who you really are — gets results too.

Having fun online and goofing off? Results. The good kind.

It seems bizarre that you can have fun and still grow your business or spread the word about the amazing thing you’re doing without having to feel icky and manipulative about it. I think you can. Just not by being strategic.

And there are reasons — really good reasons — for why you haven’t resonated with the “strategies” and the “systems”.

Like the fact that they’re (often as not) just manipulative and inauthentic … and then you have to go take a shower every time you want to talk about what you do, which is totally time-consuming and also uses up a lot of water.


  • they turn everything you do into a task, a chore and a should.
  • they’re not heart-based.
  • ugh.

So we taught a class.

About what works for us, why it works for us, and what might work for you. But without all the parts that make you go bleargh.

Background (aka why you should listen to us)

Okay. I make at least a third of my income via Twitter. Probably more.

havi brooks and selma the duckKeep in mind, this is not my goal. This is totally not how I use Twitter. I never “sell” on Twitter. And I don’t try to make money on Twitter.

Making money on Twitter is — for me — absolutely a side effect of using Twitter.

The truth is that I would still use Twitter even if it hurt my business. Even if it cost money. Even if it lost me clients and income. That’s how much I love it.

So I have strong opinions about making money through social-media-related stuff without ever being sleazy, strategic, calculated or having that even be the point.

But the person you should really be listening to is Pistachio.

laura fitton "pistachio"The super genius Laura Fitton (aka @Pistachio) has 30,000 Twitter followers even though she has never made that the point and has said over and over again that it’s not about the numbers.

In our call she talked about what she does, what she doesn’t do, what she won’t do, and about building a community of people who listen to you and interact with you, but without making the numbers be the target or even the focus.

Pistachio is in crazy-high demand to teach about using Twitter for business, but again, not at all in a manipulative or strategic way. She’s seriously one of the most pure-hearted good-for-the-world people I know.

Our plan?

To show you how intentionally not being strategic has helped us grow our businesses like crazy and help more of our Right People while we’re at it.

And how you can apply this to your own thing too. And not just in Twitter but in all social-media-ey things and just generally in the rest of your life. Let’s hear it for goofball marketing!

The Twitter version of this page?

I want to grow my cool thing on twitter *and* make money without being all gross/strategic about it. @pistachio + @havi = awesome.

All the fabulous details:

mp3You get the mp3 recording of the 90 minute call where we explained all this stuff and taught cool tricks and answered questions.

You also get a gorgeous, clear, easy-to-read 64 page ebook of the transcript of the call.


Okay. We almost didn’t do this thing because Pistachio (and no, I will never be able to call her Laura even though we’ve met in real life and everything) is super-famous.

And, as happens with super-famous people who are also really busy and fantastic at what they do, her rates are through the roof.

Just for (horribly depressing) perspective, normally an online seminar about this stuff with Pistachio runs (gah!) in the $400–$800 range.

So I basically had to beg and plead and explain that my blog readers and my beloved clients and all my Right People totally need this.

And — astoundingly — she very kindly agreed to lower her rates by a gazillion percent or something so that you could be a part of this. Which is freaking amazing. And I will love her for this forever.

So the cost is $64 for the notes and the recording and all the bits of genius in there.

And I can’t even tell you how much I adore Pistachio for agreeing to this for me.

Are you in?

Because that would be awesome. And because we sincerely want you to be able to get the cool thing you do in front of the people who need it.

And without having to sell it or ever say anything that doesn’t sound or feel like you. To hell with strategy. This is better.



p.s. Don’t forget to put your Twitter name (assuming you have one — if not, that’s cool too) into the COMMENTS section of the shopping cart. That way we can follow you and hang out with you there too. :)