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Coloring Book of Salves

A Coloring Book of Salves

The secret of salves is that they make everything better.

This exquisite coloring book (pdf download!) of Richard’s illustrations gives us two ways to play with salves — invent and name your own, or color in bottles that have already been named, whichever suits you the most in the moment.

For me, coloring is a soothing way to process anything on my mind, or to just spend some time in a calmer and more steady state of being, which makes it such a perfect accompaniment to the straight-up magic of salves.

Cascading Delight Confetti! It’s just one guy.

There is not a feeling word to describe how glowy and happy I feel about the existence of this coloring book in my life, so I will just say that I feel [cascading delight-confetti], and trust that you know what I mean.

A Coloring Book of Salves: $32

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Illumination of Qualities

An Illumination of Qualities

During the year of the alphabet rallies, I named every magical, powerful, fun-to-say word that I could come up with for each letter, with the help of my wise, thoughtful, creative Rally playmates.

We lived and breathed word-magic over our cauldron of word-compasses.

And we laughed. A lot.

An Illumination of Qualities is both the best collective noun of all time, and an absolutely stunning visual collection of wild witchy word magic.

Use it whenever you want to….
a) feel a shiver of delight
b) to find a power-word or quality for just the right occasion
c) breathe a breath of awe and oh wow holy holiness
d) experience a rush — it is very fun to say (or sing) all the words!
e) feel playful, creative, happy and replenished
f) all of the above!

An Illumination of Qualities: $44

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(or scroll down to buy this along with A Coloring Book of Salves and The Alphabet Essays in a holiday bundle!)

The Alphabet Essays

The Alphabet Essays

Twenty six essays, sometimes reflective, sometimes buoyant and exuberant — each inspired by a letter of the alphabet.

As you have probably figured out by now, I love words and I love play. These essays invited me to dive headfirst into both, and I did, with the wonderful company of everyone who reads my blog. Together we followed sounds, explored ideas, invented compasses and delighted in tasting each new word-concoction.

And, much to my surprise — this also became a powerful experiment in watching words spontaneously form themselves into wishes and spells.

I hope this collection of words and wordplay, concepts and love will spark so many sparks for you, and bring you great joy. And who knows, maybe you will even meet some new word-friends or reconnect with forgotten loves.

The Alphabet Essays: $33

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(or scroll down to buy this along with An Illumination of Qualities and A Coloring Book of Salves in a holiday bundle!)

Holiday Bundle


Save twenty dollars when you get all three together!

Holiday Bundle: $89

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Book of Rally Keys


Everyone misses Rally, the amazing four day retreat we used to run regularly at The Playground. Now that we don’t have a retreat center, we have to rally on our own. But!

You’re in luck, because here is the amazing Book of Rally Keys aka the BORK, which is packed full of fantastic material and has everything you need to know to hold a DIY Rally in the privacy of your own home.

Techniques, ideas, format, approach, goofing off, and my very favorite ways to play and practice and get things done.

The BORK!: $66

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