Friends of the Museum

Or maybe that’s secret agents…

Hey friend! My friend Nomi says that all the time and it always makes me smile. That is something I want to say more.

This page is for people who get very excited about Self-Fluency and Very Interior Design, and want to live this stuff, and are extra fond of this space aka the museum that is now a gallery.

You want to help us make this grand experiment work, and we want that too, and we also want to glow appreciation for you glowing appreciation, in an ever-expanding circle of joy sparks.

Becoming a Friend Of is a way to glow Appreciation for what has been and let us keep running this space while we figure out new ways to make it work, and to be a secret agent with me. Best typo ever? I wrote secret angel the first time and didn’t notice.

What being a Friend Of looks like

You choose an upcoming calendar month to sponsor (there’s a map below) as an expression of Glowing Appreciation. We are looking for a minimum of six sponsors for each month to be able to make this work.

And then, in addition to the thrill of knowing that you are helping the the gallery stay open until we solve the mysteries, you also get some pretty sweet bonuses as appreciation from our end…

What kinds of Pretty Sweet Bonuses are we talking about?

  1. High level clearance in the form of access to the hidden Catacombs aka the entirety of the blog archives where you can read all past posts. This will be disappearing as of November 10 but you’ll have a backdoor.
  2. A 20% discount at the museum gift shop and vending machine, good on any product offered there.
  3. We’re not in a position to mail out calendars this year but we designed an awesome one anyway, so you’ll get access to the secret page where all the images, superpowers and designs for each month live.
  4. Join me at The Secret Star Society for Six Month (Online) Rally! This will be a beautiful adventure, and it actually costs less to be a Friend Of than to just sign up for rally, so this would be the way to go if you wanted to do that anyway.
Sweet bonuses kick in when you sign up and are good through all of 2017

The Secret Star Society

The Secret Star Society is a gorgeous private online co-working space (though it is really so much more than that). A place where we can embark on internal investigations and work on (play with) our projects and wishes while practicing self-fluency. All while generating sparks of collective insight and shared epiphanies.

Just like we used to do at Rally at the Playground!

Six month Rally goes from Dec 7, 2016 to June 7, 2017.

Aka from National Letter Writing Day to National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

My primary Rally project will be figuring out if there is a sustainable way to run a gallery as well as questions of legacy, and my proxy project is that I am a cake detective (aka the Kuchensleuth) whose job is rebuilding the Cake Agency and figuring out how everything is Solved By Cake!

You do not at all need to know what your projects will be, since they will reveal themselves anyway once we start playing. You can also use it as a place to skip stones, journal, process wishes, meet Incoming you, get inspired, or just knock stuff off your list in the company of really great people and the most supportive culture ever.

If it is super fun, which I imagine it will be, I’ll probably want to do more rallying in 2017. And knowing how I end up doing things, it is safe to assume I’ll offer the new one at a way reduced rate for Friends Of. Or, if lots of people sign up for Friends Of, then we will just extend our playtime and rally as long as we want!

Map of upcoming months looking for secret agents to sponsor them!

November is the month of Echoing — superpowers of Bells and Resonance
December is the month of Light — Steadily Glowing Always
January is Prowess — Serene Powerful Presence 
February is Reflection — Insight, Clarity and Light
March is Pleasure — Good Expands 
April is Serendipity — Beautiful Surprises

How to sign up!

Basic setup will be this: You choose a month from the list, you will be a secret agent benefactor friend-of for that month, we adore you madly, and you get to enjoy all the benefits of being a Friend Of between now and December 31, 2017.

Payment: A deposit of $180 to mark your month, and then $423 when your month comes around.

Again, bonuses are good from when you sign up now until the end of 2017 (that’s fourteen months if you sign up in November).

Let’s do this.

Choose your sum (either deposit or the whole sum) and tell us which month you’re sponsoring!

* An explanation of how the Barrington’s Discretionary fund came to be!

Enter your month:

all the small-printables

  1. The internet tends to be a place where we can experience so much pressure, how often do we find ourselves saying yes to things in a state of fear-guilt or discomfort? Me too. Let’s not do that here, let’s do the opposite of that, let’s pause and breathe and come back to presence, so we can glow any yes that is our yes, with a full heart. With nervousness and anticipation? Sure. That can be part of the full heart experience for sure. But with love and I Am Here Now. Presence and more breath and imagining that we are expanding in our seats: two centimeters taller.
  2. Seriously. What if can do this from a state of thank you heart. Yes of course if you are buying something, we will deliver everything as promised, but for a moment just feel how different/special it feels to stand outside of the transactional realm, to be in pure thank you heart, and we will do the same, what a gift that is. Let’s let the bell of that echo and reverberate. Gratitude for each other and for this moment.
  3. We don’t do refunds or returns, we have a whole page about the thought process behind why that is, in addition to the administrative hassle side of things.
  4. I really dislike pressure (real or manufactured) to buy things as soon as possible, and at the same time we are definitely under deadline here, so the sooner you can help us out, the better it is for us. That said, as always, presence and breath and here-now surpass everything. So let’s do that!
  5. My loves, we are counting on you to honor your commitment when it comes to your month. We will remind you of course, and: we need you to show up. In my experience in over a decade of business online, the honor system works maybe 60-70% of the time in the best scenario, but I’m doing it now because we have a tight deadline and I know it will be easier for people to choose their month ahead of time. I am trusting hard that you all will do everything you can to help future-me be glad she took this risk. Thank you in advance!

And the postscripts.

  • I realize this won’t be an accessible option for everyone who is our friend, and I wish so hard I had a better solution for that and I am sorry. I treasure you and absolutely consider you a friend of all I do. When we have more time and bandwidth, I will work on other options (like this one). Right now top priority is keeping the gallery open for 2017.
  • I’m glowing big wild trust in All Timing Is Right Timing, so we can receive our yeses and stay attuned to clarity.
  • Please know I adore you madly, at all times, whether you can play with me now or not, whether you glow appreciation in the form of comments or a few dollars when you can or joining in all the fun, it does not change my feelings about you or this space. Unconditional love.

Glad you are on this adventure with me — thank you!