Conscious Exit

One possible invocation. To be read in your own voice. Translate or adapt as necessary.


Exiting this experiencing, and welcoming what comes next.
… even if I don’t know what that is yet.

Hello, exit.

My energy back to me! All of it.

And everyone else’s energy goes back to them.

If I accidentally picked up anyone else’s pain, fear, worry, doubt, stress or discomfort, I am releasing it. Goodbye to all projections, narratives, assumptions and judgments.

If anyone else’s stuff reminded me of my stuff, I let go of the parts that are not mine. I ask for safe rooms in my heart for any parts of me who need extra love and care.

I am bringing my entire experience into RIGHT NOW.

I am invoking the superpowers of separation and completion.

And filling up on some of the qualities that I want to connect to.

Trust. Spaciousness. Welcoming. Safety. Joy. Courage. Presence. Curiosity. Exploration. Creativity. Possibility. Discovery. Shedding. Strength. Sovereignty. Autonomy. Play. Grounding. Love.

I am exiting as I wish to continue.

A full inhalation and a full exhalation. Feeling my feet on the ground.

Connecting to the version of me who knows how to do this.