Conscious Entry

One possible invocation. To be read in your own voice. Translate or adapt as necessary.


Arriving at this new place, and arriving at what I am here to do
… even if I don’t know exactly what that is yet.

Hello, entry.

I am preparing to enter this experience.

This is me-now and the-experience-now. Meeting for the first time. Each time it is new.

And each time I will breathe in some of the qualities that I want to connect to.

Hello, river. I am online, and I have a purpose in being online:

Flow. Knowledge. Wisdom. Sharing. Possibility. Support. Communication. Community. Plenty. Opportunity. Curiosity. Exploration. Source. Trust.

Hello, door:

Creativity. Delight. Possibility. Discovery. Autonomy. Welcoming. Belonging. Spaciousness. Containment. Shedding. Light-heartedness. Warmth.

Hello, experience:

Sturdiness. Strength. Shelter. A loving heart. Remembering. Ascending. Passage. Discovery. Preparation. Sovereignty. Autonomy. Play. Safety. Grounding. Love.

This is the threshold. Filling up on me. Presence.

A full inhalation and a full exhalation. Feeling my feet on the ground.

Connecting to the version of me who knows how to do this.


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